10 Best Schools for Maths Major

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Earning a degree from the best schools in the world one major way to stand out in the job market.

Graduates with maths major are prepared for well-paid, sought-after roles as mathematicians or statisticians. As recorded by the Bureau for Labour Statistics (BLS), a career in maths earns one a median salary of $92,000 per year. It also speculates that job roles in mathematics and statistics are obtained faster than the average projected job roles in other disciplines.

Individuals who major in maths could also work in fields like data science, actuarial science, risk management, accounting, maths professors and many more fields and can easily land an entry-level role in most areas.

What is a Maths Major?

Earning a major in maths helps the students to apply their logical and critical thinking skills in solving problems in different fields such as business, engineering, and technology. Students are taught how to break down intricate problems, hypothesize and test solutions while drawing out conclusions from mathematical analysis.

To obtain a degree in maths takes three to four years for full-time programmes. Students are encouraged to take general courses and electives, in addition to their majors. They are prepared to handle complex mathematical issues in fields like healthcare, engineering or education.

In furtherance to that, when choosing a maths degree, there are factors students are advised to consider:

  • Some maths programmes are specialised in applied maths, while some specialise in theoretical maths.
  • Various universities offer better undergraduate mathematics degrees, while others do better with graduate programmes.
  • The degree requirements, admission requirements and enrollment options of the school must be put into consideration. This will help them find the proper programmes that match their needs.
  • Some students seek out the highest-paying majors, while others are merely concerned about their passion and job security.
  • Do not just go for the best ten, a school that falls under the best 30 should be considered an excellent option. Mathematics is a competitive course that experiences a high application every year.

You must know what you want in a programme or the school itself so that you will not need to apply the wrong programme for your personality.

Price and Location

When searching for a dream school to study maths, you might have the dream to study in one of the Ivy League schools. However, their tuition and other fees do not come cheap. You must consider the size of your pocket and if the tuition and living costs are not within your budget, they may not be the best option for you. As an international student, it may even be worse because the fees are usually higher for international students than for the residents.

Consider the location too. Remember you will live there for at least three or four years. So, you must choose a location that is favourable to your kind of person and lifestyle. Some locations are not so cheap and may not be affordable for a student on a budget. If you are on a budget, then, you may not be able to meet up the financial requirements of such places. However, if you can afford it, then, go for it. Also, some students enjoy vibrant places filled with activities, while some would prefer a cool location. Choose your comfort and what reflects your interest.

Interestingly, there are numerous scholarship programmes that you can apply for to help in reducing the financial burden of your studies. With scholarships, especially, fully-funded scholarships, you are one step closer to living your dream. So, apply to as many as possible. Who knows, you might be the lucky one!

With so many options to choose from, it could be a herculean task to know which school is among the best when it comes to majoring in maths. You must think of the graduate and career opportunities, specialisations and locations before making your final decision. Your application must also be excellent for you to obtain a considerable chance in the top universities. 

Below are the best schools for the maths major:

1. Stanford University

Maths major at Stanford University provides students with the basic and comprehensive knowledge of mathematics involving logical reasoning, generalisation, intellection and formal proof. They help their students learn to produce, examine and explore various models applied in mathematics, as well as to communicate complete dispute from the point of mathematical reasoning and analysis of data.

Furthermore, a major in maths prepares students for careers in different sectors, government establishments and quantitative fields.

Tuition: $18,491 per year

  1. Princeton University

Mathematics major at Princeton is the most flexible at the university and affords the students to work with some of the top mathematicians in the world, whether in pure or applied mathematics.

The department of mathematics at Princeton offers a bachelor of arts degree and a doctoral programme. Students would need prior knowledge of calculus, linear algebra and mathematical theory to be able to cope with maths major at the university.

Students also have the option to choose elective courses in the areas of statistics, computer science, finance and related topics. This helps them to explore other fields that might be beneficial in their career pursuit.

Tuition: $56,470 per year

  1. New York University

New York University offers over 400 courses in 19 schools and colleges. Studying mathematics at the university can help students to opt for degrees in mathematics, engineering mathematic, business and mathematics, and mathematics in finance.

Tuition: $56,500 per year

  1. University of Chicago

For students offering a maths major, they can pursue a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts in the university. They might encounter additional classes in numerical analysis, complex variables and ordinary and partial differential equations.

Tuition: $61,833 per year

  1. Harvard University

Established in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest higher institution in the United States of America. It offers undergraduate, graduate and extension programmes for students all over the world. Though the university is not so large, it has carved a name for itself among the excellent universities of the world.

The department of mathematics offers a bachelor’s degree in the discipline, providing students access to seminars, introductory classes and upper-level coursework to become solidified in the field. The department offers the best maths and research programmes in the world.

Tuition: $54,0002

  1. Tsinghua University

Maths major in Tsinghua University could be in maths, physics or pure and applied maths. Among their programmes for students are: seminars, blended-learning classes and tasks that are aimed to challenge their competencies.

The school offers master’s and doctorate degrees in maths, but the master’s degree programme is not available in the English language. Admission into Tsinghua University is competitive, you must gird your loins tightly to navigate the process.

Tuition: $3,240 – $34,400 per year

  1. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

ETH Zurich is one of the STEM-supporting schools. Ober 21,000 students have enrolled in the school in various degree levels and programmes.

One of the top programmes studied in ETH Zurich is maths which comprises a 180-credit bachelor’s degree. During the first two years, students are concerned with general coursework in mathematics, computer science and physics. In their third year, they take more specialised courses in maths, while rounding it off with a bachelor’s degree thesis and final exams.

The school also provides master’s and doctorate programmes in mathematics as a continuation of the undergraduate coursework. However, if you wish to get an entry-level job with your undergraduate degree, you will be able to cope in the job market. They deliver their course work in German, meaning that students must demonstrate a German language proficiency during the admission process.

Tuition: $1,670 per year

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  1. Imperial College, London

There are over 250 undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered at the school. The undergraduate programme in maths at the Imperial College is a three-year programme, which awards the students with a bachelor’s degree at the end. The different areas of specialisation for maths major include mathematics, pure mathematics, mathematics with pure mathematics, mathematics with physics, mathematics with statistics and mathematics with statistics for finance.

All students offering mathematics must take part in calculus, algebra and statistics in their first year, while there are varied programmes in their second and third years, depending on their majors.

Imperial College also offers and doctorate programmes which are an extension of the undergraduate programmes. There are also programmes available online at the college.

Tuition: $12,732 per year

  1. National University of Singapore

The mathematics majors at the NUS include applied mathematics, mathematics in finance, and data analysis. Students can choose to major in both maths and computer science or maths and economics.

The undergraduate programme runs for three years. After graduation, students can find an entry-level job in the field of healthcare, finance and government.

Tuition: $24,600 – $28,800 per year

  1. Paris Sciences et Lettres University

All the programmes offered at the school are multidisciplinary. Mathematics covers the basic course work while having areas of speciality in maths and economics, maths and computer science and applied mathematics.

Tuition: $202 per year for non-scholarship students

Cost of living: €7,800 per year

Accommodation: the university makes provision for students’ accommodation.

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In conclusion, a maths major prepares students for careers in fields that are in high demand and also pay well. With a maths major, you have a strong footing in other careers like engineering, computer science, business, education and technology. If you have what it takes to study maths in any of the above schools, then, you should give it a shot. You never can tell how much your future will smile at this great decision.

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