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Top 10 Highest Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad

Teaching is a very great profession which entails a lot of sacrifice and utmost dedication. In some parts of the world where education is not really important, do not accord the respect and salaries suitable for the teachers there. That is why many of such teachers strive to go abroad where they feel their jobs would be appreciated and they would also be paid good wages.

When in search for a good destination to work abroad for any teaching job, it is important not to search based on the salaries alone but also for countries which has low cost of living so that, you don’t use all your earnings to survive in the country. Some of the Arab and Asian countries are known to be the main top payers of teachers and they also offer other incentives and bonus to support their teachers.

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To consider a teaching job, you must be highly skilled and qualified with the necessary degrees and certifications required of an educationist. Teaching abroad can be very lucrative when planned and you do your job properly. This article is targeted at helping you find a good teaching job abroad and countries which are some of the highest payers of teaching jobs.

Top 10 Highest Paid Teaching Jobs Abroad

The educational system contains professionals who are vast in the knowledge of teaching and impact the lessons into the students. The payment or the salaries of teaching jobs depends on the experiences and degrees which they possess. To be in the teaching sector definitely means you are qualified and have what it takes to work in whatever position you are given. Here are top 10 highest paying jobs which you can get abroad.

  1. School counselors: counselors are very important in any sector since they help people to stay emotionally and mentally active. School counselors can work in elementary schools, college, and high school they help to identify behavior and developmental problems among the students and also work closely with teachers and parents to ensure the good development of the students. School counselors are required to possess a counselor degree and they paid $65,360 each year.
  2. Special education teachers: the special teachers or instructors are required mostly in special schools where they assist students and children with disabilities which can be mental, emotional, or physical. An example of a special school is the school of the blind or for artistic students. The special teachers are usually working closely with parents and other teachers to assist the students to understand basic lessons and adapt to their studies easily. Special teachers are required to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in special education and may also need other certifications. Special education teachers generally earn around $40,480 to $63,500 annually.
  3. College professors and secondary school teachers: these individuals are an integral part of any educational system because, without teachers and instructors, students cannot be tutored right. The teachers are supposed to be able to deliver specialized instructions based on their area of expertise which may be science, arts or the humanities. Most teachers and college instructors are highly qualified individuals who may also be required to obtain a professional certification. They are paid about $31,600 to $83,960 each year.
  4. Librarians: in as much as books, data are important in the educational system of any school, be it a university or secondary school, so also is the need of a librarian. The librarian is in charge of all the library resources by organizing, developing, and maintaining all the materials and books of the library. The librarian is fully in charge of the staffing of the library and how books go in and out of the library. Most librarians are required to possess a degree in library science and other related fields to be considered a professional. Librarians earn about $65,300 annually.
  5. School principals: the school principals are mostly well-trained educators who are in charge of assisting the school managers to oversee the daily activities and operations of the different parts of the school which could be elementary, middle, or high schools. The school’s principal may also be in charge of hiring the staff, develop an academic curriculum and also participate in the monitoring of both student and staff progress. Since school principals are highly educated persons, they must obtain their bachelor’s and master’s degree to be able to efficiently manage their jobs as education administrators. The principals are likely to earn an average of around $129,480 annually.
  6. Assistant principals: these persons assist the school principals in the daily activities which they are placed in charge of managing the school’s affairs. The assistant principals are also important members of any educational administrative system and they equally have their own share of work which may be to manage the budgets and financial issues of the school, act as disciplinarians for the students and staff. The assistant principals are paid on an average from $ 66,697 to $89,406 annually.
  7. Deans or administrators: An academic dean usually specializes in the different areas of student life such as; housing, admissions, financial aids, accommodation, and others. The deans usually work within the registrar’s office at the universities and colleges where they conduct researches and analyze prospective students seeking admissions or organizing students’ data, manage budgets and also resolve other forms of student issues. Deans or administrators are usually required to have a master’s or doctorate degree in educational administration or educational law. They are paid $47,130 to $83,710 each year.
  8. Academic officers: also known as directors are usually skilled professionals who are in charge of researching, developing and monitoring the progress of the various academic courses within the university or college. The academic officers respond to problems and challenges which may arise from the student’s course in the university. The academic officers are paid $92,622 to $158,000 every year.
  9. School managers: This set of professionals are in charge of the overall aspects of the school’s education, managing and proper structure of the school’s administration and staffing. These school managers also assist with the different projects and renovations which the school might be undertaking. The school managers are also referred to as superintendents and they are required to obtain a certification in specialized training to remain current and active in their position. School managers are likely to earn about $133,606 or more than per year.
  10. Elementary teachers: these teachers are usually instructors in elementary schools and are in charge of infants and little kids. The elementary teachers are usually required to obtain a degree in education and other forms of certification related to teaching little kids. The elementary teachers earn about $31,600 per year.

Top 7 Countries That Pay the Highest Salaries for Teaching Abroad

There are some countries of the world which pay high salaries for their teachers and other teaching jobs, an example, is the English language teacher are handsomely paid in countries which do not speak English as their first language. Some of these countries are outlined below.

  1. United Arab Emirates (UAE): this country pays handsomely for its teachers most especially, the English language teachers. Together with the good salary come some other benefits such as housing allowance, flight tickets, health care and other living allowances.
  2. Japan: Japan is a very welcoming country and the incentives and salaries given to the different teaching jobs available in the country are mouthwatering. Depending on your degree and level of experience, japan also awards other types of bonuses like housing allowance, free flights and other living expenses.
  3. Kuwait: there are numerous teaching jobs in this country due to the increase in international schools which creates these job opportunities. To get a teaching job in Kuwait, you need a very good certification or a degree to be able to work in any school.
  4. South Korea: this country also offers similar advantages to the teaching jobs like the Japanese country. South Korea is always in need of English language teachers and they also pay them very well. If you are a professional with certified degrees looking for a place abroad to teach the English language and earn more, South Korea is a very good spot.
  5. China: although china does not offer much as the other countries listed above, teaching jobs are also a big and lucrative job in china. Together with the low cost of living and other incentives that would be enjoyed, china is welcoming to English language teachers and others with good certifications.
  6. Taiwan: this country has a very low cost of living and nice weather which fascinates many foreigners. Aside from this, the country offers many teaching jobs which are well paid, on average, a teaching job could fetch you $2000 each month. Many jobs are available in universities, public schools, and kindergarten. A university degree is actually required for you to get a teaching job in Taiwan.
  7. Oman: Oman is a very developed country in the Arab and its educational standards are top notch. Due to its advancements in education, Oman is always in need of educationists who are all well paid. Teachers of the English language are also on a rise in the country but other teaching jobs are available providing you have a degree and other teaching certifications.

As was stated earlier in this article and known to all, teaching jobs abroad are very lucrative depending on your skill sets and qualifications. To get a teaching job abroad, you need to have some set of qualifications with the least been a bachelor’s degree in the related field. Some countries offer work bonuses to help their teachers and workers do their jobs efficiently. We hope this article helps you make your decisions on what type of teaching jobs and countries would enable you to be financially free.

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