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Dr Murtala Mohammed Masters Scholarships for Nigerian Students at London Metropolitan University UK 2015

Application Deadline: 30 April 2015 for the September 2015 intake. | Offered annually? Yes

Brief description: The London Metropolitan University, UK offer Dr. Murtala Muhammed Scholarship for Nigerian students to study for masters degree programme for 2015 academic year

Accepted Subject Areas?

List of Business and Management Courses:

  • MSc Addiction and Mental Health
  • MSc Biomedical Science
  • MSc Blood Science
  • MSc Business Psychology
  • MSc Child, Adoscelent & Family Mental Health
  • MSc Consumer Psychology
  • MSc Criminal Psychology
  • MSc Food Science
  • MSc Forensic Psychology
  • MSc Forensic Science
  • MSc Health Psychology
  • MSc Human Nutrition (Public Health/Sports)
  • MSc International Public Health Nutrition
  • MSc Medical Genetics
  • MSc Obesity and Weight Management
  • MSc Organisational Psychology
  • MSc Pharmaceutical Science
  • MSc Psychology of Health
  • MSc Sports Nutrition
  • MSc Sports Rehabilitation and Therapy
  • MSc Sports Therapy

About Scholarship

London Metropolitan University is pleased to announce the Murtala Mohammed Scholarship for 2015 academic year open to Nigerian postgraduate students to study for Masters Degrees. The scholarship is a full tuition fee scholarship for a Nigerian student in the name of the Late General Murtala Mohammed, in any of the university’s Business and Management Masters programme.
All applications must be made via the Nigeria Office.

Scholarship Offered Since: Not Specified

Who is qualified to apply?

You must:

  • have an unconditional offer to study at London Met on one of the above Master’s courses.
  • have a First Class Honours degree or the highest accolade for your degree.
  • have an overall IELTS score of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.5 in each component or SELT equivalent.
  • be a national of Nigeria.

What are the benefits?

The scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition

How long will sponsorship last?

For the duration of the masters programme

Eligible African Countries: Nigeria

To be taken at (country): London Metropolitan University, UK

How can I Apply?

Make an application for admission for London Metropolitan University online; obtain an unconditional offer of admission first before applying for the scholarship.

Visit Scholarship webpage for details

Sponsors: London Metropolitan University UK

Important Notes: Only successful applicants will be contacted and will be required to attend an interview.

  1. ABRAHAM says

    Dear Sir/Madam/Sponsor
    I am seeking a sponsor person/s/ or college or club or company or institute willing to sponsor me .
    My thanks and grateful for your support in progressing reach my dreams of dream of my goal. My constant need is merely to achieve for higher education and aspire athlete runner .
    I think every day and night to start my new life in your college scholarships in the hope this it may support me .

    I am live in ETHIOPIA ,birth date on March 1991and the running of
    Half-Marathon for that a score time 1:04;02 hr/min/sec in the whole
    game athletics National StateTigray champion, I have won in 2011 in road
    race running I got first for 5 km 14:30 in Shire-Endaslassie and I
    am graduated in degree in economics by 3:66 points graduated in 2008 .One year ago my score time for Half -Marathon view on the above ,but now on this year 13-2-2012 I made competition and I have better than that my score time , and caught fifth place for half marathon .The competition was tough but I made it through fifth place /5th place / in the whole games of National State of Tigray champion .

    I have financial problem I COULDN’T stay strong because of that my future vision it’s difficult to continue to reach an ASPIRE -ATHLETE,and I live in place here as a parasite depending on people due to unemployment because of this no option rather than that .I have very little time to approach a professional athlete,but I am alone no one persons support me here for my run and for
    higher studies ,In a situation like this ,things that I wish good
    things and dreams to do has not been good to me. If I would have the chance I would be studying abroad country, If I get your support and encouragement I will succeed and reach my goal .and I give you my word that I will compensate you for your support. Beside and before my education I just want to plan to share my experiences with all the schools and students in that country to that you give me the opportunity to continue to reach my goal and dreams.

    Your country give a lot of grants and scholarships for poorest persons throughout the World I heard your sociability for years ago ,please ,please add up/allow/ me to start my new life .I am willing to run on behalf of your country .I am all say this with humbly and I do apologize for that I have taken your value time, because I don’t have any other chance than this , please support me .I want to thank you for showing me the new best situation your scholarship you allow me to continue my higher education that I have always been wishing .I wish you the best in life for you and your families and to the entire your college and I hope you will receive this proposal in good spirit.I will be awaiting for your contact,please feel free to contact me on this e-mail address [email protected] or [email protected]

    I am very pleased to hearing your positive response.
    Thank you very much again for your generous and attention .
    With best regards ,
    ABRAHAM WELDAY /athlete/ , Ethiopia

  2. Bafeghe Charles says

    I thank the management committee for a job well done for coming up with this scholarship scheme. May i know if someone like me with Second Class Lower is qualified to apply. Please, let me know.

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