10 Things You Should do at Least Once in a Lifetime

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The Fragility of Life

One moment can alter a lifetime of planning and rob us of those things we want the most. Life is precious and incredibly fragile; hauntingly, this only becomes apparent when something tragic occurs, but we assume we are indestructible. One of life’s most painful experiences is falling short of your own expectation.

When you come to one of the many moments in life where you might give an account of yourself, provide a ledger of what you have been, and done, and meant to the world. Do not, I pray, discount that you filled the dying man’s days with a sated joy, a joy unknown to me in all my prior years, a joy that does not hunger for more and more but rests, satisfied. In this time, right now, that is an enormous thing.” The reality of life is if you don’t priorities what matters to you now you may never achieve it or have the opportunity to experience the things you want. The same is true of accepting what we have as the only thing we deserve.

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If we’re not happy, why do we willingly sacrifice years of our lives in the hope of salvaging things? We live by the mantra that things will get better or make the most of a bad situation but we die by the sword of them.

Changing people is futile. We are each who we are and so is everyone else. To try to change people ignore the reality of human psychology. Even faced with the thing we want least in the world, we won’t sacrifice what we currently have to get it.

We are reckless with our time in the present pacified by the assumption that our future will be enriched by the things we hope to do. The flaws in this thinking startle me each day.

Seriously, take a day to write down the things you do in every minute, I dare you to be completely honest. Record every single tiny detail and I promise you that it will change your life. By all means, make a bucket list, but start ticking it off today. You never know how much time you have left.

Now let’s look at the 10 things you should do at least once in a lifetime.

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Here is a List of 10 Things You Should do at Least Once in your Life.

1. Go deep sea diving

Deep blue silence, no earth below, no cloud above, such depth, such solitude, a feeling that can only be described by the experience alone, the peace of the sea and the beauty you discover in a world you never knew existed. Deep sea diving is totally remarkable.

The Benefits of Deep Sea Diving

  • Exploring the depths: sometimes, the best things to see underwater are at deeper depths and deep diving helps you experience these for yourself.
  • The quiet of being underwater: deep diving lets you enjoy the quiet of the deep with only your regulator sounds and the low bubble sounds to break the silence.
  • New experiences: becoming a deep diver allows us to explore unique and unusual dive sites. The diver descends to depths and enjoys experiences that cannot be accomplished in shallower waters. 

2. Try to at least put on a show

There is nothing in this world like the rush of performing in front of an audience.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.” When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. That lasts forever a moment you can look back at and say’’ my goodness I still do not still believe I did that’ ’In essence letting your inner child loose by putting on an unpredicted show is a must-try.

3. Things You Should Do at Least Once in a Lifetime: Go on  a Skydive.

This is a great way to stare your own mortality in the face and declare yourself a victor. “Just imagine becoming the way you used to be as a very young child, before you understood the meaning of any word and before opinions took over your mind. The real you is loving, joyful, and free. The real you is just like a flower, just like the wind, just like the ocean, and just like the sun.

Underneath your fears lie great opportunities, because when you start doing the things that scare you the most, tearing down the invisible barriers that separate you from the good life, you become the person you’ve always dreamed about in your mind: your ideal self. You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.” –

4. Seeing the amazing wonders of the world

Seeing pieces of living history can be an experience you just can’t put into words, taking a trip to see these ancient monuments is a truly once in a lifetime experience.

A few are;

  • The great pyramid of Giza in Egypt.
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Taj mahal in Agra India.
  • Christ the redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro

And a whole lot more fantastic monuments; We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
Frederick Koenig

5. Things You Should Do at Least Once in a Lifetime: Try to cause a Scene

By causing a scene, I mean an exciting SCENE. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. “So many times we lock down the inner voice that tells you to just dance in the shopping mall or sing out loud in the marketplace, Trying this at least once in a lifetime is so fulfilling to the soul.Happiness is not something that is ready-made. It comes from your own actions.

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6. Embark on a solo vacation

Self-love is never an easy job. When we did something below expectation, we may sometimes fall into the anxiousness of not being good enough, judging ourselves harshly instead of appreciating ourselves for what we did.Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself you can’t pour from an empty cup.so Take care of yourself first.This is a great way to enjoy your own company and reflect over your life in gratitude and determination to move on stronger.

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7. Try sleeping under the stars

Even in the darkness the smallest star will shine! Background is dark blue. Font is fancy and painted in shimmery light blue.It’s not surprising that the better quality we breathe in, the better it works. A night outside in the fresh air improves our ability to think. … A night under the stars can help to counteract this by giving you the fresh air to clear out the stale air from your lungs, brain and muscles. You should try this at least once in a lifetime.

8. Having a nice bath under the rain

As crazy as this sounds, it is an extraordinary experience. Rainwater is light. Rainwater is very light and has a pH alkaline. Rain can also be used for water therapy in a way. It refreshes your tan mind. The most important feature is that it does not contain soil minerals and bacteria. This makes it beneficial for both health and beauty. And it also has amazing benefits!!

9. Things You Should Do at Least Once in a Lifetime: Go mountain climbing

We all can see pictures of these places and we all can long to go to these places but actually doing the work to get to these places cuts many out of the crowdWhen you do make it to the peak, you can rest assured that you are one of the few who make it up there and can revel in the beauty and rarity of such a view. The good thing is you’re 100% guaranteed to get an amazing view from the top of a mountain (unless it’s a foggy or smoky day).ITS beyond amazing!

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10. Sailing as a family

It would be fantastic if you could share this joy with your family? Sailing with your family can be rewarding and create lasting memories. When sailing with your family or friends, or on a family sailing holiday, you get to have more bonding time and fun together. During this time, each of you tends to forget most of the thoughts that weigh you down in daily life. Additionally, the rhythmic movement of the boat – the splashing, swooshing of water, and sounds in the sail – can affect the patterns of your brainwave. This helps to soothe and relax your brain, which could be stressed and worn out.

In conclusion, life is full of amazing beauties and also very uncertain, so we should spend it living the best lives we can. “Life’s good when it’s lived for oneself; it’s great when lived for others. The true means of happiness is to lose your mind by thinking for others!” “A good life is a collection of happy moments. “Enjoy your life

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