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International Trade Centre (ITC) #FastTrackTech in Africa 2020 – Call for Applications for African Tech Startups

The #FastTrackTech Africa initiative aims to support digital entrepreneurs and tech startups in sub-Saharan Africa go international – with online and onsite training, advisory and coaching focused on building digital and business skills with a focus on regional & international business generation and investment promotion.

Application Deadline:

Eligible Countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia.

To be Taken at (Country): Benin, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia.

About the Award: The two-year project starts in October 2019 and targets 7 countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia. The project will benefit at least 7 leading tech hubs, 200 tech startups and 2000 digital entrepreneurs.

#FastTrackTech Africa is acting at four level:

1. At the level of Policy Makers, it supports smart regulation through private-public dialogue and business-friendly ecosystems
2. At the level of tech hubs, it builds sustainable business support organisations
3. At the level of tech start-ups, it builds business & technical skills for digital entrepreneurs and tech start-up founders
4. At the level of the market, it connects digital entrepreneurs and tech start-ups with businesses and investors

Through this call for applications, #FastTrackTech Africa will onboard tech start-ups that will be segmented based on to their level of maturity and will benefit from the following services according to their categorization:

1. Growth Phase: post-revenue, targeting new markets, new products
2. Entrepreneurship Phase: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) confirmed, customer acquisition and retention ongoing

➔ Growth start-ups will have access to opportunities in the form of local, regional and international start-up events and competitions (Transform Africa, AfricArena, VivaTech, 4YFN/Mobile World Congress, SLUSH, etc. ) to develop both their business and connect them with potential investors
➔ Entrepreneurship start-ups will receive a blend of online and onsite training and targeted coaching on different topics related to building and further developing their business.

>>>>> One Growth tech startup per country will be sponsored by FastTrackTech to exhibit at 4YFN, the flagship startup event of the Mobile World Congress >>>>>>

Type: Entrepreneurship

Eligibility: As a relevant tech startup, you have to:

➔ Use digital technology as a core enabling factor (e-commerce is included)
➔ Have been launched within the last 3 years – ideally
➔ Be for-profit – but you can also have a social impact – mention it in your application!
➔ Have built a minimum viable product*, which has ideally generated some sales even if only a limited amount

* A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a product with basic features, but enough to get the attention of the consumer and to provide a feedback loop to guide future development

*KNOCK-OUT criteria : The startup is not eligible for #FastTrackTech if it does not rely on technology as a a core enabling factor. Startups that provide incorrect information in the call for applications can be excluded or re-categorized.

Selection Criteria:

The submitted information will be assessed by international experts contracted by the International Trade Centre. Applications to the Expression of Interest and all company-related information including financials will be treated with STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY.

If inaccurate information is provided, it will lead to subsequent disqualification of the applicant, even if initially selected.

Partner organizations will be involved in the promotion process of the EOI, but not in the selection process itself, which will be handled by ITC.


Number of Awards: The project will benefit at least 7 leading tech hubs, 200 tech startups and 2000 digital entrepreneurs.

How to Apply: Apply below

  • It is important to go through all application requirements in the Award Webpage (see Link below) before applying.

Visit Award Webpage for Details

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