25 Amazing Things You Should Do Before You Turn 25

Do you remember when you turned 18? You probably don’t. I do. And I remember feeling terrified at the thought of being an adult already and having to deal with all that comes with it. Eww!!! Well, 25 is a whole different level of anxiety. And unless you want to be screaming “Eww” all over again here are things you should do before you turn 25.

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1.     Work a job for the experience not the money

Whether you plan to own a business someday or to build a professional career, you need experience to get ahead. And sometimes the jobs that offer the best experience are not the best paying. If you can’t find a paid job, get an internship even if you have to work for free. Do this primarily for the experience.

2.     Start saving money

You are not too young to start developing your financial intelligence. Most of the wealthiest people today started building their wealth and experience quite early in life; Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg are common examples. Save money to get your first laptop, to take that tech course or to travel for that conference.

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3.     Travel far away from home

You don’t have to spend two decades and a half of your life without moving far away from home. Travel is the best form of education and you want to take advantage of the abundance of places. There are lots of places to explore and people to meet. Don’t spend the quarter of a century domiciled in your corner of the world.

4.     Let go a toxic relationship

You don’t need negativity in your life, especially from people who don’t any value to you. There’s no rulebook that says you have to stay friends with everyone you once called a friend. Keep in touch with those who encourage you to be your best self, and distance yourself from those who do not.

5.     Refine your dress sense

It is probably trendy to wear ripped jeans and sag your pants as a teenager. But as you get older, you have to start taking how you look more seriously. Refine your dress sense to the person you are becoming.

6.     Learn how to cook a dish or two.

Many of you watching this video are already chefs in your own rights. But for those who avoid cooking at all cost, make the effort learn to prepare your favorite dishes. You can look up how to make your favorite dish on YouTube. You may ruin it the first time but you will improve subsequently. Some skills do come in handy way into adulthood.

7.     Learn how to drive

You don’t have to wait till you get your own car before you learn how to drive. You may need the skills long before then. Enroll into a driving school and while at it get your driver’s license as well.

8.     Give away something you don’t use for free

It’s no use keeping those clothes and shoes you don’t wear. Give it away to someone who needs it. It may not be much but you will feel good afterward. You have fewer tendencies to fall into depression when you genuinely help out other people.

9.     Learn a new skill

Commit to learning a skill that will take a bit of time to perfect. Learn a skill you’re passionate about like fashion designing, a foreign language, musical instrument or coding. You don’t even need to join a class. Just look up tutorials on YouTube and get going. You’ll thank yourself later in life.

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10. Stay away from TV or social media for a week.

If you are addicted to TV or social media, try staying away for a week. This will take self discipline but you will definitely appreciate yourself for pulling it through. You may even realize it’s not as important as you imagined. Other than that, it’ll go to show that you are in control of your life.

11. Live away from family

When you have to worry about making sure the doors are locked at night, paying bills, and keeping the house in other, you learn vital survival skills. Whether it’s for a few months or years, with a roommate or alone, you should make the effort to live away from family.

12. Sell something to a stranger

Most people are afraid to talk to a stranger let alone selling something to one. The ability to sell is one of the most prized skills you can develop. Don’t wait until you are way into your professional life to start honing your ability to sell. Go out there, buy an item and sell it to someone face to face. You may get a lot of ‘Nos’, but one ‘Yes’, will make you more excited than you have ever been. And you’ll be on your way to developing a vital skill for life.

13. Read Mastery by Robert Greene

Greene in this book makes the convincing effort to prove that people who are masters at what they do are not born with a super talent. He proves that everyone can become a master if they put in the effort for a significant period of time. This book will help rid you of the mindset of quick gratification, so that you can commit to a life of long lasting success and excellence.

14. Read Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson

Why are some nations rich and other poor? The authors of this book conclusively show that it is man-made political and economic institutions that underlie economic success or failure. This book will help you understand the importance of exercising your democratic rights and how this affects everything else. You will become more sensitive about political and economic issues.

15. Vote in an election

In most countries you are eligible to vote from the age of 17 or 18. Start exercising your right of suffrage from the moment you are eligible. It’ll give you a sense of importance and responsibility.

16. Quit a habit that doesn’t serve you

If you are addicted to smoking, drinking or any of such indulgencies, you should make the effort to quite before you turn 25. You don’t want to move into adulthood with habits that don’t serve you.

17. Buy your parent or guardian a gift

Your parents may have been funding your life for years, so now you can experience the joy of repaying their kindness, love, and responsibility, and of developing an adult relationship with them. Surprise them with a gift. Taking them out for dinner is also a good gesture.

18. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone double your age or close

Having a conversation with someone well older than you are can be a rewarding experience if you talk to the right person. You can learn from the wealth of experience of a success business person, parent, professional or just a well travelled fellow. This can help you avoid some unnecessary mistakes in life.

19. Go out on a date

Even if it doesn’t end in a relationship, just give yourself that dating experience.

20. Do something you have feared all your life

Are you afraid of speaking in public, talking to strangers, heights? Whatever fear you have make the effort of confronting your fears. A wise man once said, when you do the things you fear to do, the death of your fear is certain.

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21. Learn about taxation

Get to know how the taxation system works in your country.

22. Learn to be alone

You may have a lot of friends and families around you today, but it’s not going to stay that way forever. So learn to be comfortable in your own company.

23. Do something out of your comfort zone

What is that one thing you will always say no to; something that stretches you beyond you place of comfort like dancing in front of people. You should you break that jinx.

24. Volunteer for a cause you believe in

There are many volunteer opportunities in church, non-profit organizations and civic societies. Just become a part of something bigger than you that benefit other people.

25. Have a mini library

Yes readers are leaders.  Reading is not just what you do to pass exams. You read to learn. Before you turn 25, you should have a collection of books on topcs that interests and fascinates you. Books from diverse topics that have nothing to do with what you are studying in school. You’ll not only be more knowledgeable than your peers, you’ll be smarter too.

There you have it. The twenty-five things you should do before you turn twenty-five. Which one of them appealed to you the most? Tell us in the comment box. If you are yet to subscribe to our channel, hit the subscribe button to catch more amazing content from our channel.

Until next time, YOUR SUCCESS MATTERS!

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