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Who is Distance Learning online not suitable for?

Distance learning online is suitable for just about everyone involved in educational learning, career and personal development. From high school students, to those involved in higher education- college/university, the military, and the government, to those pursuing continuing education, corporate training, personal training and all time learning. But there could still be cases where elearning may not be suitable for an individual.

1. Poor/inadequate access to the internet.

This would be one of the major reasons a student should not consider distance learning education as a medium to acquire knowledge. An elearning student without consistent access to the internet, will end up missing important classes and group meeting which will result in poor academic performance and transfer of the proposed knowledge. Frustration will likely be the result.

2. Inconsistent individuals.

Whatever schedule you set, you are expected to follow through with your online study, or else your learning will
not be effective. If you are the kind that find it difficult to follow through instructions without physical supervision, then Distance learning will not come any different to you. Try on-campus education.

3. Computer-phobia.

Individuals who generally don’t do computers may find distance learning education a hell of a learning experience. Computer-phobia is a strong unreasonable fear or hatred for computer usage.

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