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Thomson Reuters/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Generation Africa 2020 for Africans with Remarkable Stories (Fully-funded to Johannesburg, South Africa)


Stories have the potential to be powerful changemakers. Do you, or does anyone you know have a remarkable story that has the power to inspire people around the world? We are looking for inspirational stories from talented young Africans who are ready to become advocacy champions for global development issues.

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Eligible Countries: African countries

About the Award: It’s often the people behind the stories that hold the power to help change the world for the better. 

We are looking for 12 young Africans ready to become champions for global development issues to take part in a unique, six-day, fully-funded programme by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aimed at developing storytellers who could inspire change on a global platform. Know that person? 

The course has been developed by communications and media experts at the Thomson Reuters Foundation and will aim to enhance the profile of 12 African story-tellers. The training comprises communication techniques, public speaking and presentation skills, effective use of social media, handling the media, and more. They will then be prepared to share their stories in a global arena. 

Generation Africa aims to help young Africans, whose personal experiences have shaped their determination to help others facing challenges across the continent, to tell their stories globally. If you know someone with a remarkable story, we would love to help them share it.

Type: Training


1)    Must have a compelling personal story
2)    Your story relates to either health, development or poverty reduction 
3)    Your story illustrates a challenge faced by others living in Africa
4)    Your English is fluent enough to benefit from a six-day course in the English language
5)    You are willing to have details of your personal story shared with the public

Candidates must be available to attend a 6-day training programme in Johannesburg late February/early March 2020. 

Number of Awards: 12

Value of Award: Fully funded

Duration of Programme: 6 days

How to Apply:  We are particularly seeking individuals with a personal story to share that highlights he need to take action around global health, family planning, nutrition, agriculture, financial inclusion and gender equality. If you know someone who has a story with the power to change lives, please share it with us via our nomination form

  • It is important to go through all application requirements on the Programme Webpage (see link below) before applying

Visit Programme Webpage for Details

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