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20 young Nigerians on Samsung OverseasTraining programme in South Korea

In its effort to support the President Goodluck Jonathan transformation agenda, to ensure that the local content input drive in the oil and gas sector is achieved, Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), a foremost world class shipbuilding and offshore fabrication company, has sent 20 young Nigerians to Samsung’s shipyard in Geoje, South Korea for an extensive training program. Through the training, participating youths are expected to acquire technology skills which they are expected to transfer to the oil and gas sector of the economy.

The company’s extensive commitment to training Nigerians was first announced on February 6 2012, with the ground breaking of its new world class training facility in LADOL Free Zone, called “Samsung Nigeria Technology Academy” (SaNTA).

samsung technical training NigeriaThe training facility is said to cost about $10 million and will benefit from having Samsung’s world class training programs and equipment.

Samsung Intensive Technical Training Program- Scholarship

Samsung has now gone a step further by launching Samsung’s Intensive Technical Training Program, providing full scholarships for young Nigerians to also be trained at their world class facility in Korea.

The scholarship program run by Samsung exclusively for young Nigerians would cost the South Korea based company a sum of $300,000 to train each group of twenty trainees.

Speaking at the pre-departure ceremonies for the 20 youths at Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos, the General Manager SHI in Nigeria, Mr. Frank Ejuzi said

“In order to recover the Nigerian local content initiative of Mr President,” the General Manager SHI in Nigeria, Mr. Frank Ejuzi said, “we felt it is important to support that initiative and my company is sending the first batch of youths in the oil and gas sector for training in Korea in other for them to transfer the technology to our other youths back home.

“Samsung’s commitment to training Nigerians ahead of any contract award demonstrates the company’s true intention to share technology with and promote local content in Nigeria. Samsung believes in promoting mutual prosperity with Nigeria by enabling Nigerians to fully participate in and contribute to the world class offshore fabrication projects.

“For Samsung, this is the start of a long-term relationship with Nigeria, being the first and only international contractor to proactively begin training Nigerians… before winning any contracts in Nigeria”.

Samsung has been working with the first group of trainees, (17 men and 3 women) for over a month already, preparing them for the program, including one week of social training. So the group was very well prepared when they left on Saturday.

In South Korea, the group will be trained for a full month at Samsung’s state-of-art Shipbuilding and Fabrication Yard in Geoje.

The group will be trained by trainers that are World Skills Champions, in range of fabrication related subjects. At the end of the month the group will be eligible to acquire up to four internationally accredited certificates.

According to a beneficiary, the successful completion of the programme certifies him internationally in welding and fabrication in oil and gas industry.

Also Miss Duze Cornelius Anthony, another beneficiary of the training programme, an engineering graduate from the Niger Delta said, “the programme is going to better my life because before I had no job as an engineer but I was teaching. Instead of practicing my profession as an engineer, I was teaching, but today I am happy that Samsung is giving me the opportunity to showcase my professional ability as an engineer and that is going to better my lots and those around me…”

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  1. Ero Akpos says

    I know this will be beneficial to the less privilage and physical funds challenges i use this means to thank the federal govt of this great nation.

  2. Anosike Bruce says

    What are the Criteria for this selection of Samsung Training
    Every time i see on the Paper That President Goodluck Jonathan is giving Scholarship sending people abroad for training , i have not confirm this as a true exercise , because i have not seen any person he has given scholarship before , or anybody from my State Imo state or Obowu to be precise that has benefited from all this or is it only his people the program is for?

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