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Nigerian Internet Entrepreneur Launches Online University for African Students

Meet, Gossy Ukanwoke the Young African Internet Entrepreneur behind Beni American University, a new online University for African Students.

Nigerian Internet entrepreneur, Gossy Ukanwoke, is set to launch Beni American University, an online university specifically for African students with the aim to fill the gap in educational system in Africa.

23 years old Gossy, referred to as “Nigeria’s Mark Zuckerberg” is the founder of Students Circle Network, an academic social network for college and high school students with interests in providing free course resources/materials, live faculty/teacher/lecturer help to students, scholarship offers, study groups and many more students services across the globe for free.

Gossy Ukanwoke - Student Circle NetworkBeni American University is a soon-to-be-launched African startup with the hopes of bringing quality education to African children and adults who want to gain a post secondary diploma or degree through online learning.

In an interview with TEchloy, a technology review blog, Gossy laid emphasis on the number of students enrolling for University Matriculation Examination each year and how only a few percentage of these students end up gaining admission to the university each year due to inadequate infrastructure in our higher institution. With the launch of an online university – an institution that does not require a physical location- he hopes to fill out this gap through online University.

Here is Gossy’s description of this start from the interview;

Beni American University is a forward looking African startup that is bringing quality education to every African youth, adult or teenager who wants to acquire a post secondary diploma or degree.

In 2011 alone, over 500,000 students in Nigeria who were willing and able to afford a post secondary education were deprived because of over crowded institutions and depreciating infrastructure…

Many students from the West African region now hope that they can gain certificates and diplomas by taking free courses on our network, and we decided to create Beni American University to fill this need.

We are therefore building a 21st Century university with strong emphasis on technology, web 2.0 and entrepreneurship – a university that is not limited by time, location, age, gender, race, color or belief… We are running a Hybrid System – 70% online, 30% offline. Our classes, Lectures, Instructionals, Quizzes, Tests, Assignments, and Projects will be done and assessed online via our learning platform that is accessible via the web and mobile. Our Midterm Examinations, Final Examinations and Admissions Interviews, when required, will be conducted offline and face to face respectively. We are also speaking with a few high schools across the country to be our test centers. Our students can use their facilities to take their final and midterm examinations.

Students will need a computer and internet access to undertake courses online. The university will focus on emerging fields in technology, web 2.0 and entrepreneurship for the preliminary stage.

Beni American University will be launching in the next couple months.

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