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International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) 2019 Developing Countries Congress Attendance Fellowship – Norway

The ISAE has partnered with the Open Philanthropy Project to develop a Fellowship for farm animal behavior and welfare scientists wishing to attend the annual congress, together with a pre-congress workshop on animal welfare science and post-congress farm tours.

Application Deadline: 15th February 2019

Eligible Countries: Developing Countries

To be taken at (country): Norway

About the Award: To foster the advancement of farm animal welfare in developing countries by supporting animal behavior and welfare scientists and others from emerging economies to attend a one-day pre-congress workshop on animal welfare concepts (to be given by internationally-recognized leaders in animal welfare science), the four-day ISAE annual congress, and a one-day post-congress farm tour (including fish, cattle, pig, poultry and sheep farms). The allocation will be the full sum equivalent to the cost of the registration, accommodation, reasonable travel expenses, visa fees and subsistence.

Type: Fellowship, Conference


  1. The person must be active in farm animal welfare science (e.g. active in one or more of research, teaching,
    education, policy, standard setting and outreach), in or from a developing country.
  2. The person must be able to travel freely to Norway for the ISAE Congress and other activities between
    4th-11th August 2019, with approved visa if required.

Selection Criteria: Applications for funding will be reviewed by the Developing Countries Congress Attendance Fund Committee, and will be prioritized on the basis of financial need and potential for impacting farm animal welfare in the home country.

Number of Awards:  12-15

Value of Award: The fund will be allocated to cover the full sum equivalent to the cost of the registration, accommodation, reasonable travel expenses, visa fees and subsistence.

Duration of Programme: 4th-11th August 2019

How to Apply: The application must contain all of the following information:

  1. Name of applicant
  2. Postal address and email address (or fax number)
  3. Your occupation or position, e.g. student, active researcher, government employee, official veterinarian, past researcher etc. and brief summary of duties associated with that position
  4. A brief characterization of animal agriculture in your home country (for instance, proportion of smallholder compared to industrialized systems, growth within different sectors and some of the main animal welfare challenges)
  5. A justification for why the award should be received. What you hope to gain from attending the conference and how you expect to apply the new knowledge to improve farm animal welfare in your home country?
  6. A budget, including the total cost of congress attendance (registration, accommodation, travel, visa fees and subsistence)

The application information requested above should not be more than 2 pages. It should be accompanied by a brief CV of up to 4 pages, including major accomplishments, a list of publications and/or presentations by the applicant (if applicable), and a copy of any abstract that may have been submitted to the congress.

If you wish to submit an abstract please follow the directions on the Congress website, though this is not a requirement.

Applications should be sent to Jeremy Marchant-Forde, at [email protected]

For additional information or questions, please also contact Jeremy Marchant-Forde,
at  [email protected]


Visit Programme Webpage for Details

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