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SPACE Nigeria Technology introduces self-powered technology for Business

SPACE: Self Powered Adaptive Container for Everyone

“With the overwhelming cost of powering offices and workspaces with fuel generators in Nigeria, SPACE presents an innovative and economical alternative to businesses having an incentive to drive down costs by utilizing an eco-friendly power generating technology package. SPACE offers a sustainable solution with potential high social impact to the people of Nigeria.”

The Executive Director of SPACE Nigeria, Dimeji Bassir

In Lagos, SPACE Nigeria Technology has announced the introduction of self-powered adaptive containers for both private and corporate space. This is a plus for the central bank of Nigeria, which plans to take Nigeria into a cashless society.

What is SPACE?

SPACE (Self Powered Adaptive Container for Everyone) is a solar-powered, up-cycled, customizable portable shipping container adaptable for a wide variety of applications.

This unique technology proposes to boost the economy of the country and to address the chronic shortage of self-sustaining, functional and affordable workspaces in Nigeria.

SPACE Nigeria technology offers practical solution to banks attempting to setup e-branches. It also affects telecom companies with retail outlet expansion programs, schools computer laboratories, remote medical centers and site among others.

According to Bassir, the Executive Director of SPACE Nigeria, the solution is currently being tested at the Lagos state Secretariat, Alausa as a pilot project while there are ongoing works to deploy the solution in other areas in Nigeria.

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