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Studying Abroad in 2019: Concerns and Solutions for Prospective African Students

As the second largest and most populous continent on earth, it is no surprise that students from Africa now make up a large segment of the overall international student population.

Student mobility is on the rise, and an increased number of African students are seeking educational opportunities abroad every year. The number of those pursuing degrees overseas has reportedly grown by a significant 24 percent between 2006 and 2014.

Market-leading higher education search engine has surveyed prospective African students to learn more about what their biggest study abroad concerns are, and how this has changed compared to African students of the past.

Getting a Visa

The process of obtaining a Visa is unavoidable and can be trickier to navigate now than ever before, making it an increased concern for many prospective African students. Preparation is essential, and it is wise to research requirements before applying. Fortunately, many universities have dedicated teams on hand to provide advice and guidance throughout the process.

Language barriers

Language learning resources are better than ever, making it easier for African students to study in countries where they cannot speak the native language. Mobile applications and one-to-one online tuition can greatly improve the process of moving to a new country for study, with many institutions also offering free language courses alongside study.

Living and accommodation costs

While better mobility has led to more opportunities for African students abroad, the cost of living in several popular regions has also increased. Financial uncertainty and high demand in big cities has led to inflated prices and accommodation shortages. For African students with limited budgets, this makes the process of relocating to a new country to study much harder.

Tuition fees

At 19% more importance than the past, tuition fees are currently the biggest issue for prospective African students. Alongside higher costs of living, tuition fees have also risen in many popular study destinations, such as North America and western Europe. In the UK, for example, tuition fees have more than trebled in the past decade.

Fortunately, many affordable opportunities for African students are emerging in regions where international student programs are receiving high levels of investment, such as China and South Asia. Furthermore, there are also plenty of scholarship options on offer.

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