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International Excellence Regional Scholarships for Nigerian (and 6 other countries) Students – Royal Holloway University of London UK 2012

Scholarship Name: International Excellence Regional Scholarships

Brief description

The Royal Holloway University of London UK offers Undergraduate and Masters scholarships for students from Nigeria India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, USA and Vietnam for 2012 Entry

Accepted Subject Areas?

All courses offered at the university for Undergraduate or Postgraduate (Masters)

About Scholarship

The Royal Holloway University of London, UK is offering the International Excellence Regional Scholarships, worth £4,000, to support students applying from specific regions which include: India, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey, USA and Vietnam. Ten scholarships are available to students applying from the above countries.

Scholarship Offered Since: Not specified

Scholarship Type: Fees Discount Scholarship

By what Criteria is Selection Made?

Awards are made on the basis of outstanding academic achievement or potential.

Who is qualified to apply?

All non-native English speakers must meet the minimum English language requirements of their proposed programme of study.

These scholarships are paid as a tuition fee discount and are therefore not available to applicants who are in receipt of full scholarships. Students with partial scholarships may apply.

A student can hold only one International Excellence Award at any one time.

How Many Scholarship Positions are available?

A total of ten scholarships will be awarded in the following manner

  • India (3 awards available)
  • Kazakhstan (1 award available)
  • Nigeria (1 award available)
  • Russia (1 award available)
  • Turkey (1 award available)
  • USA (2 awards available)
  • Vietnam (1 award available)

What are the benefits?

£4,000 discount on overseas tuition fees

How long will sponsorship last? 1 year only

Eligible African Countries


Other Countries

India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, USA, Vietnam

To be taken at (country): Royal Holloway University of London UK

What time of year does Application Close?

Deadline for applicants from the USA: 30 March 2012

Deadline for all other applicants: 23 April 2012

Offered annually? Not Specified

How can I Apply?

Download Application form (pdf) or Application form (Word) to apply


Royal Holloway University of London

Important Notes:

Award notification for applicants from the USA: 30 April 2012

Award notification for all other applicants: 31 May 2012

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