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University of London LL.M Scholarships 2020/2021 for Ghanaian & Nigerian Students

The University of London for the 2020/2021 academic session, is offering about 18 LLM Scholarship for students of Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria or Russia.

Application Deadline: 28th February 2020

Eligible Countries: Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria and Russia.

To Be Taken At (Country): University of London, UK

About the Award: These awards are available to LLM students based in Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria and Russia. They are worth the value of four modules – a quarter of your degree.

Field of Study: Law

Type: Masters

Eligibility: To be eligible for this course-fee scholarship, for your final four modules, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must be registered and studying in one of the following countries: Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria or Russia.
  • You must have completed 12 modules and failed none.
  • Out of those 12 modules you must have successfully completed at least 5 modules (with no failed attempts) within 13 months of your effective registration date.
  • For example, if your registration date is 1 May 2017, you must have completed 5 modules by the end of the May 2018 exam session – either in a single session or spread over two sessions.

Scholarships are granted to those with the best average score across five modules. (It must normally be 60% or above). If you have completed more than five modules within the qualifying period, your average is calculated from your best five marks.

Number of Awards: 18

Value of Award: These scholarships are worth the value of four modules (a quarter of the LLM degree).

Duration of Program: 1 year

How to Apply: 

  • We notify winners by email once the results of the final qualifying exam session have been released.
  • To access the scholarship, you inform the Postgraduate Laws Office when you wish to register for your final four modules. They will issue a fee credit note for those modules. (This is neither a retrospective award, nor a refund of past modules.)
  • You will still need to cover any fees that are not paid directly to the University, such as examination centre fees.

Visit the Program Webpage for Details