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NRF/CONACYT Joint Research Fellowship for Mexican and South African Researchers 2017

The National Research Foundation (NRF) and the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) are pleased to announce the first joint call for research proposals, and herewith invite all interested parties to submit their applications, by a date no later than the indicated closing date.

Application Deadline: 28th July 2017

Eligible Countries: Mexico and South Africa

Fields of Research: Joint research proposals may be submitted in the following prioritised thematic areas:
 Advanced Manufacturing
 Astronomy
 Oceanography

About the Award: On 19 April 2010, South Africa and Mexico entered into a science and technology (S&T) agreement which resulted in the development of a Programme of Cooperation (PoC) which serves as an implementation plan for joint programmes between the two countries. The purpose of this call is to support the research by senior researchers, scientists, postdocs and shortterm research placements of doctoral students between the two countries. In this regard, funding will be made available for visits and exchanges of leading and young scientists, technical personnel or other experts conducting joint research within the above-mentioned thematic area of cooperation.
As a result of this PoC, joint researchers’ workshops on astronomy, oceanography and advanced manufacturing were held during 2015 to 2017.

Aims of the programme

 To contribute to scientific advancement in both countries through the funding of joint research
activities in specified research fields;
 To provide an opportunity for young researchers in the two countries to engage;
 To support the advancement of basic research; and
 To contribute meaningfully to research capacity development.

Type: Research


South Africa: This call is open to employed researchers residing in South Africa and affiliated with a recognised higher education or research institution such as a university, university of technology or science council. The South African PI must be in possession of a PhD.
Mexico: This call is open to Mexican researchers who will act as counterpart of South African researchers. Mexican researchers must comply with CONACYT’s eligibility criteria to act as Principal Investigators and counterpart to his/her South African peer.
An application must designate two Principal Investigators (PIs), one in South Africa and one in Mexico, who will bear the main responsibility for the project including its technical and administrative coordination
as well as scientific and financial reporting.

In terms of human capital development, South African applications from historically disadvantaged individuals are encouraged, as is the involvement of historically disadvantaged higher education and research institutions.

Selection Criteria: Following the closing date indicated, applications will be subject to a scientific peer review by recognised experts, organized by each side. The experts will evaluate each proposal based on the following criteria:
 Scientific and technical merit
 Suitability and feasibility
 Value addition by the collaboration
 Potential for promoting equity and redress
 Capacity building (student involvement/ doctoral & postdoctoral research placements)
 Composition and suitability of the consortium in addressing the identified research question
 The adequacy of the proposed knowledge sharing and research uptake approach

Particular emphasis is to be placed on the training of students to be achieved through research and the transfer of knowledge and know-how for capacity development of young researchers. Applicants are urged to ensure the involvement of young researchers from previously-disadvantaged communities.

Following local evaluation, a shortlist of projects to be funded will be constituted through consultations between the NRF and CONACYT based on the results of the evaluations done in both countries. Please note that, although the two Parties undertake to execute the evaluation and selection process as quickly as possible so as to notify applicants of the results as soon as possible, the nature of the bilateral process requires the alignment of the commencement of each phase of the process with the partnering country, whose schedules may differ significantly.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Program: Support will be provided for collaborative basic, applied and innovation research projects.

Funds can be used to cover the following costs:
 Research-related costs
 Exchange programmes
 Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research Placements
 Knowledge sharing costs

In the case of meetings, research visits and exchanges of scientists, personnel, experts and students, as well as reciprocal visits undertaken as part of joint research projects and the attendance of seminars, symposia and other meetings funded under this agreement, the sending Investigator will be responsible for financing international travel, visas, and medical insurance.
Fees relating to accommodation, ground transport, living expenses, and the organisation of events (venue, catering, audio-visual equipment etc.) will be the financial responsibility of the host investigator which is to be paid from his / her allocation of the joint funding.
The following may NOT be funded from the funds allocation:
 Consultant’s fees
 Educational expenses (scholarships and/or bursaries, etc.)
 Large equipment
 Project management fees
 Salaries and temporary staff fees.

Duration of Program: The projects will be supported for three years from January 2018 to December 2020.

How to Apply: Mexican and South African applicants shall write a joint application to be submitted to both CONACYT and the NRF. The joint application must be written in English

It is important to go through the Application Instructions in the Program Webpage before applying.

Visit Program Webpage for details

Award Provider: National Research Foundation (NRF), National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT)

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