10 things You Need to Know to Acquire International Scholarships

There are more to winning overseas scholarships than just applying without a plan… And there are many available scholarship programmes — Both for Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies — you can apply to as a Nigerian / African Student. The point then, is for you to follow through the application process with your best effort.
Here are 10 things you need to know about winning international scholarships to further your education. Gladly take 5 minutes of your time to read through. It could be worth all the time you’ve spent searching and applying for scholarships.

1. Start searching for scholarships early enough.

2. Although excellent academic grades will give you higher preference, a lot of scholarship awarding organizations are not too concerned with the highest academic performance. There are other human qualities that are required.

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3. You must follow every bit of instruction provided by the scholarship provider, to the very least.

4. Up to 90% of scholarship applications are rejected in the first phase of candidates selection due to common recurring mistakes most applicants make. If you follow the right steps you will likely make it through this phase.

5. You have to prove to the scholarship selection committee that you Really Deserve the award by all available means.

6. Your Scholarship Essay and Letter of Recommendation will go a long way in determining scholarship winners. If you provide an effective self selling material, it can do the miracle- If you believe in one.

7. You can win international scholarships you are eligible to apply as long as you plan your application process effectively.

8. There are National and International Scholarships you can apply to as a student from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and other Africa countries.

9. You need to understand the entire scholarship process, how it works and how to leverage on your knowledge.

10. Doing your best on your application is more important than being the best candidate.

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