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Interested in Public Speaking? Attend the World Speech Day 2017

From #unexpectedvoices come remarkable ideas. Join the sound. Break geographical boundraies. Export your thoughts. Spread your ideas. Amplify your voice. Join the World Speech Day. Here’s inviting everyone to the world’s greatest celebration of public speaking – World Speech Day

Program Timeline and Duration:  15th March, 2017; from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Venue: The Manifold Place, 85 Ikorodu Road, Opposite Fidelity Bank, By Fadeyi Bus Stop, Lagos

Offered annually?  Yes

Eligible Countries: Nigeria

To be taken at (country): Lagos, Nigeria. This event will be streamed live  for interested participants living outside Lagos

About the Award: World Speech Day is a day dedicated to celebrating speeches and speech making, through a multitude of live speaking events across the globe on a single day – in schools and colleges, in community halls and university debating chambers, in offices, parliaments, museums and parks – even cafes.

It’s a not-for-profit organization which believes in human potential and the power of speeches to realize that potential in everyday life; to share ideas; to change people; and to change the world.

World Speech Day harnesses the wisdom of crowds to uncover remarkable ideas from unexpected voices around the world. The emphasis is on ‘‘unexpected voices.’’

‘‘Given that most of us tend to think of Great Speeches as being delivered by well-established Western authors – be they toga-clad Roman senators or faces later to be hewn into Mount Rushmore – this choice (of unexpected voices around the world) is an intriguing choice,’’ says Sam Leith.

One voice can change everything. And small voices add up. In the USA, March 15, 2016, was designated by the US Senate as “National Speech and Debate Education Day”. There’s a time when silent is not golden.

The loose theme for World Speech Day speeches is: “Thoughts for a Better World”. The event will be streamed live. Each speaker will speak for a maximum of seven (7) minutes on any topic of their choice that would accentuate our theme.

Type: Events and Conferences

Eligibility: None. Come one, Come all

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Program: Attendance is Free.  You too, can use the power of words to change the world. You can:

  • Break geographical boundaries;
  • Export our thoughts;
  • Spread our ideas;
  • Amplify our voice;
  • Grow our influence;
  • Persuade with power;
  • Drive positive action;
  • Make change happen and,
  • Better our world.

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Award Provider: World Speech Day

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