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2010-2011 International Student Ambassador Scholarships

International Student Ambassador Scholarships are awarded to students with exceptional leadership qualities and a desire to positively represent both their home country and Iowa State University to prospective students.

Applicants will be considered for the following award levels:
Gold $7,000/year Renewable
Cardinal $5,000/year Renewable
Leadership Up to $4,000/year

Apply for admission. (You cannot be considered for this scholarship unless you are admitted to Iowa State University.)
Submit a one-page essay describing experiences you have had in leadership, community service and/or volunteerism, and why you are interested in assisting Iowa State University with international recruitment activities.
1 letter of recommendation
Send essay and letter via email to [email protected] with the subject line Attention: International Scholarship Selection Committee

There is no GPA or SAT requirement; however, higher academic backgrounds may result in higher scholarship awards

April 1 (fall & summer entry)
October 1 (spring entry)

Incoming freshmen and transfers can apply
The following criteria must be maintained to keep the scholarship until graduation:
Serve as International Student Ambassador for at least one semester
2.0 cumulative GPA at ISU
Full-time enrollment (summers not included)
Assessed non-resident tuition
Other Scholarship Opportunities:
Alumni Scholarship: Return to Iowa Generations — $ 1,500/year – renewable
Incoming freshmen and transfer students
Parent(s) or grandparent(s) graduated from Iowa State University
Click here to apply
Contact: Ann Gogerty, Global Recruitment Coordinator; [email protected]

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