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Innovation in the Food Industry & How it’s Affecting Our Society – Take Online Course by University of Leeds


Learn how innovation has changed the food industry, the way we shop and how we manage the global issue of food waste. In a world where millions suffer from malnutrition and starvation, this course will help you consider the attitudes in your own society to this global problem.

Enrolment: Self paced

Timeline: 2 weeks @ 2 hours per week

Skill Level: Beginner

Course of Study: Food Innovation| Course Platform: FutureLearn

Created by: University of Leeds

Cost: Free

About the Course

This course considers the ways in which the food industry has evolved over the past 70 years and has created the industry of convenience we have today. Introduced though a case study from Marks and Spencer, you will see how new innovations have changed the way we shop. You will also consider the issue of food waste; in a world where thousands suffer from malnutrition and starvation you’ll consider the attitudes in your own society to this global problem.

Eligibility requirement

No previous knowledge or experience of business or innovation is required, just an interest in innovations and the food industry.

Certificate offered? Yes

How to Enrol

Visit Course Webpage to Enrol.

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