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Online Course: Learn to Create 3D Graphics for Web Developers

Learn to Use WebGL to develop high-quality, interactive 3D graphics applications that run natively in browsers.

Enrolment: 2 January 2017 / Self paced

Timeline: 5 weeks @ 6 hours per week

Skill Level: Intermediate

Course of Study: 3D Graphics | Course Platform: FutureLearn

Created by: Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona

Cost: Free

About the Course

With the advent of WebGL, it is now possible to develop high-quality, interactive 3D graphics applications, which run natively in web browsers. However, to do this, you need to be proficient in both web development and 3D programming.

This free online course will provide web developers, who have existing knowledge of JavaScript, with the theoretical and practical knowledge to start programming 3D graphics applications for the web.

Learn to use WebGLStudio and Three.JS to create WebGL applications

The course is split into five weeks. In the first two weeks, Javi Agenjo will teach you the basics of 3D graphics from a non-programmer’s point of view, explaining concepts such as transformations and materials using a state-of-the-art web tool, WebGLStudio. There will be no programming in these two weeks.

Weeks 3, 4 and 5, however, are 100% programming-based. After showing you how to set up your computer for local development of WebGL applications, Alun Evans will lead you through the process of creating a series of simple scenes using the most common and popular library for creating WebGL applications, Three.JS.

In the final week, you will be able to load in meshes and textures from external sources, place lights and objects within a scene, and move the camera interactively.

Eligibility requirement

This course is designed for existing web developers who have little or no previous experience in creating 3D graphics applications. You should be capable of manipulating the DOM using JavaScript or JQuery, and familiar with the concepts of AJAX. You should also have at least intermediate-level programming skills and be comfortable manipulating arrays and objects.

Certificate offered? Yes

How to Enrol

Visit Course Webpage to Enrol.

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