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School information you should consider before choosing a study abroad university?

Before considering a University or College to study abroad for further
studies, there are questions you would need to ask and get answers to.
You don't want to choose a school just because they offer your desired
course of study and you kind of like the name. Here are a few
information you would want to consider before choosing a study abroad
university for your undergraduate or postgraduate education.

*Ask about the school's accreditation, licensing and campus security.

*Find out the school's loan default rate (the percentage of students
who attended the school, took out federal student loans and failed to
their loans on time). You might not be able to get financial aid from
programs at a school that has a high default rate.

*Find out the school's job placement rates (the percentage of students
who are placed in jobs relevant to their courses of study). If the school
advertises its job placement rates, it must also publish the most
recent employment statistics,
graduation statistics, and
any other information necessary to back up its claims.

This information must be made available at the time you apply for
admission to the school.

Be sure to get the information you need and check out all of your
options as you prepare for your further education abroad.
You need to Know what to expect from the schools you're considering.
Visit the university website, search for these information and more,
email them when you don't feel satisfied with the details you find
online, ask specific questions concerning your nationality -as a
Nigerian student for example-accommodation,scholarships, financial
aids, grants and information that could be useful to your study while
away. Now is the time to get started. It's never too early to start
preparing for your career study.

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    pls consider this b4 choosing to study abroad

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