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World Bank Big Data Innovation Challenge 2017

 The World Bank is announcing a global call for the World Bank Big Data Innovation Challenge to encourage solutions and prototypes that address climate change-related issues pertaining to food security, nutrition, landscapes, forestry and watersheds.

Application Deadline: 9th November, 2016

Eligible Countries: This Innovation Challenge is open to individuals, students and entrepreneurs as well as start-ups, university labs, private companies, nonprofits and public sector agencies legally established in member countries of the World Bank Group

To be taken at (country):

About the Award: Academics, entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses, universities and nonprofits have a larger role to play than ever before in addressing global climate issues through the creation and implementation of solutions. The shift to climate-resilient economies can occur only if the millions of decisions which are made across the globe on a daily basis are taking climate change factors and effects into account.

The World Bank needs your help in identifying and developing big data solutions which can help better understand the impacts of climate change, address its connected issues and positively influence decisions.

The Big Data Innovation Challenge aims to identify and recognize innovative big data solutions that leverage new sources of data such as government-released open data, satellite imagery, mobile network data, anonymized private sector data, social media data and surveys among others. The big data solutions will need to address specific Climate Change-related issues pertaining to the nexus areas of

  • Food Security, Nutrition and Agriculture, or
  • Landscapes: Forestry and Watersheds.

These issues are of high priority towards the World Bank’s goals of reducing poverty and improving prosperity globally, the World Bank’s 2017 Climate Action Plan and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Type: Contest

Eligibility: The Big Data Innovation Challenge is open to Applicants (“Applicant”) from member countries of the World Bank (see: Applicants may be individuals, legally established entities (profit or non-profit, academic) and public sector agencies/organizations. Applicants must comply with legal requirements of their country.

  • Individuals must be of age of majority in their country at the time of entry. Individuals may form teams and submit entries on behalf of teams. Individuals who join teams must meet the eligibility requirements for Individual Applicants.
  • Organizations must be legally established entities (profit, non-profit, academic) or public sector agencies/organizations in their respective countries.
  • Employees, contractors and vendors of the World Bank Group (The World Bank Group consists of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Development Association, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, the International Finance Corporation, the International
    Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes.) , the members of the Advisory Council or any company or individual involved with the design, production, execution or distribution of the Challenge and their immediate family members (spouse, parents and step-parents, siblings and step-siblings, and children and
    stepchildren, aunt, uncle, niece and nephew) are not eligible to join the Challenge.

Selection Criteria: The following criteria are weighted equally as part of the judging process.

  1. Practicality of use, impact and potential for scale
    The applicant demonstrates the potential of the big data solution to use data to transform their solution context.
  2. Technically feasible
    The big data solution is technically viable and has a working prototype to further show the functionality and usability.
  3. Relevance to challenge focus areas
    The applicant shows that he/she understands the specific context of the challenge statement to which they are applying and their solution’s potential within that context.
  4. Innovativeness
    Creativity and originality of the idea compared to solutions that are currently in use.
  5. Team (background, capabilities)
    The applicant has the applicable technical background and the capability to take this big data solution to the next phase of implementation.

Selection Process: The World Bank Group will evaluate all submitted applications and select between 5 and 10 Applicants and Submissions as Challenge Winners. The final decision on the winning solutions or prototypes will be entirely of World Bank Group representatives.

Challenge Winners will be selected and awarded for the following categories:

  • Challenge Winner: Best big data solution in the nexus area of Food Security, Nutrition and Agriculture
  • Challenge Winner: Best big data solution in the nexus area of Landscapes: Forestry and Watersheds
  • Honorable Mention Winner: Most innovative big data solution
  • Honorable Mention Winner: Recognition award
  • Honorable Mention Winner: Recognition award

Number of Awardees: At least 5 winners

Value of Contest: Challenge Winners will be selected and awarded for the following categories:

Food Challenge: Food Security or Nutrition – Best big data solution: 10,000 USD
Landscapes Challenge: Forestry or Watersheds – Best big data solution: 10,000 USD
Honorable mentions: (At least 3 honorable mentions for most innovative big data solution and other recognition awards to be announced in the near future)

How to Apply: Apply here

It is very important to read the application requirements on the Contest Webpage and FAQ before applying.

Visit Contest Webpage for details

Award Provider: World Bank

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