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Preparing for scholarship is like Football World Cup

As the Football world cup competition continue to unfold it’s surprises, it will be nice for scholarship aspirants to learn a few lessons from this competition. Thirty-two (32) teams are struggling for the world cup, and only one out of them will end up winning the prize. All 32 teams have qualified to contest for the world cup, and The selection process is not really an easy one. All teams will have the chance to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that they truely deserve to win, but in the end, it’s the best among them that would win.

So, what does the FIFA world cup have to do with preparing for scholarship?

Scholarship awards are also as competitive as a world cup competition. Just like countries take time and resources to practice and prepare for the world cup so does scholarship applicants need to devote time preparing for and applying for scholarships. As nations go for a good football coach to train the football players, so does a scholarship aspirant need as much advice and tips to prepare and put up a compelling scholarship application. It’s all a matter of gathering the best available resources and making good use of it.

Also you need to study the attitude/strategies of past scholarship winners, and tap from their knowledge. For every given scholarship award application, a good number of students will be applying, and apparently all applicant should be working hard to win the hearts of the scholarship provides. This is why you need to work a little harder.

Inadequate football training on the part of a team will always result on a poor performance on the field of play. Your scholarship providers are likely to have been in the business of awarding students scholarships for long, and can easily tell between a well prepared scholarship application/essay and a mediocre one. Take your time and resources to Practice, learn and prepare yourself for scholarship awards. Make yourself scholarship worthy, and you may just get to put the ball behind the net.

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