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Online tools for business-startup and academic research for students

The thought of starting up your own business as a student or fresh graduate can be overwhelming, especially when you have little or no knowledge of the business world and it’s ethics. It’s seems easier and definitely, more familiar to get a paid job and just get along; have nothing to do with starting a business. But really, Even if you are not considering yourself a potential entrepreneur or business person, Learning about business can be a great way to prepare yourself for the working world, no matter what career path you choose to take. The internet can provide you with a wealth of resources to acquire free education for your business and academic researches, and doing it in the right places online can help build a great foundation to work with.
If you would want to keep up with the business and finance worlds as well as get some help researching for school courseworks or essays from resources on the web, below is a webpage that compiles over 100 online tools Every Business Student Should bookmark.

The link contains websites that will help you
**research a wide variety of business topics.
**search for products and businesses and get answers to your business questions.
**search for great business-related publications, great for personal and school research alike.
**Connect with others in the industries you find intriguing.
**go through business resources by country and search for what you need to know.
**find a wealth of searchable services, software and franchises.
**find the resources you need to start and run a business.
**find angel investors.
**find websites, apps and resources for small business.
**get the latest news in entrepreneurship.
**find members of business community who can be investors and partners.
**find articles on marketing, blogging and technology.
**Find out more about the stock market and investing-two essential components of business.
**find helpful articles From managing your own finances to getting help with business prospects.
**search through tutorials, study for CPA exams, and just learn more about finance.
**find an online broker or just get some advice on smarter investing.
**search for funds that match your needs.
**research for your courses and scholarship essay writing.
**get great academic and trustworthy articles for your coursework.
**Search through tons of articles and journals using this tools.
**deliver results focused on academics and education from professional resources.
**research for a business project and get access to lots of free books.
**Find out more about economic research projects.
**Find research papers in economics by searching though hundreds of thousands of papers.
**Gain a better understanding of the legal aspects of business.
**research advertising and marketing.
**resources that can help you be a better marketer.
**navigate social tools that can help you market and promote your business ventures.

You can Visit the link on
100 Search Engines Every Business Student Should bookmark.

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