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Free Tuition and Scholarships in Australia for International Students

Australian Universities welcomes international students to take Bachelors, Master’s and PhD courses in Australia. Australian Universities are said to be generous when it comes to giving away tuition fees and living money in form of scholarships to International students.

Universities that are located in the richer states of Western Australia and Queensland are offering top educated students from around the world different kinds of scholarships and free tuition. For example, the Engingeering School at the UNIVERSITY of QUEENSLAND is currently taking care of the tuition fees of 30 international students, worth $30,000 a year.
Most of the International students that are taking advantage of these special offers are to study engineering courses such as:
* Biological
* Civil
* Environmental
* Mechanical

Other international Postgraduate students are being lured into the UNIVERSITY of WESTERN AUSTRALIA, which has a new tuition fee-waiver program that gave around 90 scholarships out for PhD students.

Some Universities in other regions in Australia are also offering generous opportunities to outstanding foreign students. The UNIVERSITY of SYDNEY offers 30 research scholarships every year which waves the students tuition and fees as well as a yearly stipend of $20,000 for potential master research students.

The UNIVERSITY of MELBOURNE is another school who gives 150 fee remission scholarships out every year to bright international students.

Most of these scholarships are solely funded by the Australia government. Students that are granted a scholarship are also granted a living allowance and other school or living benefits.

If you are wishing to study in Australia for an undergraduate or postgraduate course, one of these Schools may be a perfect target for you as an international student from Africa or any developing country, for the opportunity to apply for these amazing higher education scholarships and take advantage of the free education offered by Australian Universities.


After acceptance at a university in australia, students are usually advised to apply for a place in a HALL of RESIDENCE or other college accommodation, such as self-catering houses and apartments.
Most universities and colleges can provide accommodation on or near to their campus. University apartments, residential colleges and halls of residence are generally available.

International students staying at the halls of residence have the opportunity to mix with many other students on a full-time basis. This is also one of the cheapest options for accommodation. Meals and some cleaning services are usually provided.

RESIDENTIAL COLLEGES provide accommodation with meals. They are slightly more expensive than university Halls of Residence.The facilities are more comprehensive and often include fully serviced rooms, sporting and recreation facilities, computer and internet access and sometimes a library.
International students have the option of sharing accommodation with other students. They are able to share the rent on an apartment or a flat close to the campus.
Some AUSTRALIAN FAMILIES provide homestay accommodation for international students.
Students are adviced to organize temporary accommodation until they have had a chance to consider the alternatives.
Institutions maintain a register of families prepared to board international students during the academic year.They check to ensure that homestay families are reputable and that they offer accommodation of a reasonable standard.
Backpackers, youth hostels, guest houses and hotels provide a variety of housing options at various costs. Individual universities and colleges are also able to provide information on accommodation available.

Rental costs vary considerably according to the size (number of bedrooms) and quality of a property, its age and the facilities provided.

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