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How many Scholarships have you applied for this year 2010? Poll Result.

I asked a question on “How many Scholarships have you applied for this year”, for readers to vote their opinion. The options provided to choose from included:
2 to 3
4 to 5
Over 6.

The poll result at the end of the vote on 14th of May 2010 is as follow:
None- 24 Votes (77%)
1 – 6 Votes (19%)
2 to 3 – 1 Votes (3%)
4 to 5 – 0 Votes (0%)
Over 6- 0 Votes (0%)

From The result, it’s quite clear that most of this blog readers are yet to apply for a scholarship and are likely to be fresh scholarship seekers (although less than 10% of total subscribers voted). I can’t tell if most of these votes came from new visitors or old subscribers but I’ll just assume the result to be an indicator of the kind of readers here.

To that effect I will like to add that Winning scholarship(s) is not about picking one scholarship application you are eligible to apply for, and applying for it. Having read through a number of success stories from scholarship winners, I’ve come to notice this similarities among these scholars. THEY KEPT APPLYING. THEY REALLY WANTED a SCHOLARSHIP.

You will agree with me that scholarship awards are very competitive. There are a lot of people like you who really need these scholarships and are giving their best at it. Hence, the best way to maximize your chances of winning one scholarship award is to create multiple options and follow instructions meticulously. You don’t have to rely on one source for your scholarship search and information. If you really need scholarship(s), then You have to prove that you do. Take time to read scholarship application tips and strategies. It’s not a waste of time but time well invested. Ask questions and seek advice. It’s for your own good.
In near future, I’ll be writing more on scholarship tips and recommending some useful websites and resources to intensify your scholarship search and make that study abroad dream of yours a reality. Please, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to share it on comments below.

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