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EADA MBA Scholarships Programme 2010-2011, Spain

In order to help MBA candidates finance their studies in Business
Administration, every year EADA offers a wide range of scholarships to
International Student to study in Spain.

Scholarship applications are available to all candidates who have
successfully completed the admission process and paid 25% of the total
fee of the MBA Programme. Special enrolment cancelation conditions
apply to scholarship applicants: Unsuccessful applicants who cancel
their enrolment within 10 working days of not being awarded the
scholarship will be refunded all the payment(s) made towards the
programme minus an administrative fee of 300 €. After 10 days, the
normal cancelation conditions will apply.

A copy of the admission letter issued by EADA.
– A letter introducing yourself as a possible candidate for the
scholarship and justifying the personal reasons for application.
– A letter of recommendation from your professional or academic
background. (This recommendation must be written by someone other than
the two references used during the admission process).
– A list of other activities that you are involved in such as: student
associations, professional forum, sports, music, etc.

Application DEADLINE
The first application deadline is Friday, March 19, 2010.
Any remaining scholarships will be awarded after the second
application deadline, Friday, May 21, 2010.

The winning candidates from the first deadline will be contacted by
April 16, 2010. Winning candidates from the second deadline will be
contacted by June 4, 2010.

All scholarship recipients commit to maintaining a high level of
dedication and academic excellence in the programme.
Participants who receive scholarships from FUNDACIÓN EADA will be
required to collaborate in a research project in EADA. The focus of
the project will be decided once the programme has started and will
take place during the academic year.
Send by post to:
Isabel Berasategui
EADA, C/ Aragó 204, 08011 Barcelona (Spain)
Contact Aragó, 204, 08011 -Barcelona, Spain Tel +34 934 520 844 Fax
+34 933 237 317
[email protected]
Website: www.eada.edu