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Advice for scholarship applicants. Don't get scammed.

If you are eager to acquire your advance education through scholarship, then you can guess how anxious you can be over information that relate to your pursuit. It’s only natural to want something at all cost. But To add to the fact that, there are millions other aspiring scholars just like you, scammers/fraudsters are not taking a day off. In as much as there are people who genuinely want to help you achieve your dreams, there are also people who all they want is to have you part with some money. They may sound genuine when you read and listen to their sales pages, but try to read between the lines, you’ll see where they are heading. It is for you to be smart enough to tell between a money-grubber and a public-spirited objective.
Of course, even genuine scholarship websites and providers deserve to make money to keep the service going but not at the expense of the applicants. Here are some precautions you should to avoid being manipulated.

1. You should never have to pay to search or apply for any legitimate scholarship.

2. Beware of third party services advertising “high success rates” for scholarship applications. These intermediates can neither guarantee or improve your chances of winning a scholarship because they have no influence over the decisions of the awarding committees.

3. Beware of any services advertising scholarships for which little effort is required on your part. Legitimate scholarship applications will almost always involve a substantial amount of your time in preparing an application.

4. Beware of any unsolicited offers of scholarships for which you did not apply. Most scholarship awards are very competitive, so no scholarship provider will out of the blues pick your for a scholarship you did not apply.

5. You should never give cash, cheques, credit card or your bank account details to third parties.

6. You should never give your bank account details to a scholarship provider prior to the award of a scholarship. In cases where scholarship funds awarded are to be paid by bank transfer you must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that you are dealing directly with the scholarship provider and not a third party.

7. If you are in doubt at anytime, please contact the scholarship provider directly using the contact details provided on the scholarship announcement pages.

Surely, there is more to discuss on this. If you have been scammed on scholarship applications or made to pay unreasonably for scholarship information, Please share your experience on comment below.

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