How Scholarship Programs help Productive African Students Pursue their Dream Career

Have you applied and won a local or international scholarship before? As an undergraduate or postgraduate student, you might have at one time or the other applied for one or more scholarships or preparing to take your first shot. Due to the number of students that end up applying for any available scholarship programme, the […]

An interview on Scholarship application for Nigerian Students

The first and most important step to searching for education financial opportunities is to understand how scholarships work. Overlooking this aspect may cost you more in future opportunities. If you are overwhelmed by the process of finding and applying for scholarships and financial aid, today I want to share with you an interview with me, […]

Using Quotes to Improve your Scholarship Search on Google

I’ve written about searching for scholarship on Google; how to play around with keywords to get better search results. Another search feature you can use to improve your search results is searching with quotes. Here is how it works. Lets say, I’m searching for Engineering scholarships to apply. If I enter the following words […]

Your Scholarship Application Process and Strategy- Give yourself a little push

I expect that by now You should be ready to begin applying for one or more scholarships. Or you are already working on it. Or You have already completed and even submitted one or more. Whichever way, at least, You’ve determined which scholarships you are interested in and organized them based on their deadline priority. […]