How to Find International Scholarships online in 2012- Do It Yourself

You might have nursed the dream to study abroad to complete your undergraduate or postgraduate education for some time, and even more predominantly, to achieve such with financial help, in the form of scholarship(s). Why shouldn’t you? After all, you deserve it. You might also have heard from cynics that it is ‘very very’ difficult […]

Using Quotes to Improve your Scholarship Search on Google

I’ve written about searching for scholarship on Google; how to play around with keywords to get better search results. Another search feature you can use to improve your search results is searching with quotes. Here is how it works. Lets say, I’m searching for Engineering scholarships to apply. If I enter the following words […]

How to Search for Scholarships online on Google

The first step towards a successful scholarship application is searching for your eligible scholarships in the right place. The Internet/online is indeed the right place to start. is the largest library on the internet with millions of websites in it’s database. For your scholarship research, I’d bet, is the right place to start. […]