Enter for Google Cloud Platform Developer Challenge 2014

Are you ready to show what you can do with Google Cloud Platform? Google Cloud Platform is used around the world to create and deploy solutions that are affordable, scalable and easy to maintain. These qualities empower developers worldwide to solve local and global challenges with cloud technology. Google is inviting you for the very […]

Share how the Internet has changed your life to win $25,000

The web is changing lives every day. Do you have your own inspiring web story? Africa Connected is focused on showcasing everyday success stories being made with the help of the web and Google. How has the web powered you? Have you achieved success since getting connected to the web? Share your story and you […]

Before You enroll to Learn Web Design & Development, Read This!

While discussing with an acquaintance few days ago, we got talking about how Nigerians are leveraging the internet to build profitable businesses. When I talked about the importance of Web Design and Development skills, his first reaction was, “Is there still money to be made as a web designer/developer? Everyone seems to be a web […]

Jobs and Professions Internet Tech has created – and why you should care about the growing trend…

The Internet, for most African populace, is where you find information, search for jobs, meet new and old friends on social network, download applications and read latest news. Little is known about how the internet has and continues to add to economic growth, employment and productivity. The internet boosting economies In a 2012 study by […]

Nigerian Internet Entrepreneur Launches Online University for African Students

Meet, Gossy Ukanwoke the Young African Internet Entrepreneur behind Beni American University, a new online University for African Students. Nigerian Internet entrepreneur, Gossy Ukanwoke, is set to launch Beni American University, an online university specifically for African students with the aim to fill the gap in educational system in Africa. 23 years old Gossy, referred […]