Take TOEFL Test Preparation Course – Get confident for TOEFL iBT Test

TOEFL Test Preparation

Get ready for your TOEFL Test Preparation! As a non-native English speaker, before you can successfully qualify for admission or scholarships to Universities and colleges in most native English speaking countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada etc, you are required to demonstrate your proficiency in English language. You are expected to take any of the […]

Interview with Commonwealth Shared Scholarship winner at Cardiff University – Mesele Oluwaseun from Nigeria

Mesele Oluwaseun - Cardiff University

An excellent first class undergraduate degree and a passion for Chemistry brought Nigerian Oluwaseun Mesele’s application for Cardiff University’s Commonwealth Shared Scholarship to the attention of the deciding scholarship committee. Rising above nearly 60 other applicants, Mesele is enjoying this highly prestigious award, enabling him to study his chosen programme, MSc Physical Organic Chemistry. Mesele […]

Before you apply for Commonwealth Scholarship, Read this

The 2013 Commonwealth scholarship scheme is currently open for application, and prospective applicants wondering how the scholarship program works. It would help if you know what it takes to be selected as a winner for the commonwealth scholarship; common mistakes students’ makes and how to avoid them. Fortunately, the organizers of the commonwealth scholarship program […]

An interview on Scholarship application for Nigerian Students

The first and most important step to searching for education financial opportunities is to understand how scholarships work. Overlooking this aspect may cost you more in future opportunities. If you are overwhelmed by the process of finding and applying for scholarships and financial aid, today I want to share with you an interview with me, […]

How to Win a Scholarship in 2013

As the year 2012 is just as fresh, it is the time of the year most of us set goals with hopes of achieving them through the year. Winning a scholarship in 2013 may be one of those goals you set to achieve in 2013 and there is every possibility you can achieve your goals. […]

How to Find International Scholarships online in 2012- Do It Yourself

You might have nursed the dream to study abroad to complete your undergraduate or postgraduate education for some time, and even more predominantly, to achieve such with financial help, in the form of scholarship(s). Why shouldn’t you? After all, you deserve it. You might also have heard from cynics that it is ‘very very’ difficult […]

8 Common Problems Scholarship Applicants Encounter and How to Fix Them

I want to share with you a Guest Article I wrote on www.intscholarships.com (a Scholarship Website) on 8 Common Problems Scholarship Applicants Encounter and How to Fix Them. On interaction with scholarship aspirants, you’ll get to realise that the most conventional problem potential scholars encounter while seeking financial aid to further their education, may not […]

How a Kenyan Student Won a Scholarship to Study Pharmacy in 2010- What it takes to Win Scholarships.

Extraordinary Scholarship for a Kenyan Pharmacy Student Myron Odingo- a young Kenyan student from a “humble background” was awarded what the Keele University called “the chance of a lifetime” to study Pharmacy at a UK university, through a unique sponsorship scheme offered by the Keele University and global pharmaceutical company sanofi-aventis. Myron Odingo- a Kenyan […]

Using Quotes to Improve your Scholarship Search on Google

I’ve written about searching for scholarship on Google; how to play around with keywords to get better search results. Another Google.com search feature you can use to improve your search results is searching with quotes. Here is how it works. Lets say, I’m searching for Engineering scholarships to apply. If I enter the following words […]

10 things You Need to Know to Acquire International Scholarships

There are more to winning overseas scholarships than just applying without a plan… And there are many available scholarship programmes — Both for Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies — you can apply to as a Nigerian / African Student. The point then, is for you to follow through the application process with your best effort.Here are […]

How to Automate your Scholarship Search With Google Alert- Google Research Secret

Google AlertGoogle Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results from websites, news-sites or blogs, based on your choice of query or topic. Users can set up a Google Alert for any query, and Google will automatically email them a digest of all new publication for that query as often as they require. […]

WSAF 2010 Scholarship Fraud- The Update

Two days ago I published a post titled The World Scholars Alumni Foundation Scholarship 2010. SCAM? You Must Read This — a scholarship program I suspected to be a scam/ fraud after I received a mail from a student in India. The World Scholars Alumni Foundation Scholarship 2010 opened application to Students from developing countries, […]