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How to Write a Better Fresh Graduate Resume

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Dear Fresh Graduate,

At this point you are probably searching for a resume sample for fresh graduates or how to write a fresh graduate resume. You can do one of two things:

  1. Spend more time searching for the right information or

  2. Learn all you need to know about writing a resume, here and now!

Your resume is the self marketing document that advertises your skills and personality to your potential customer; employer. It influences their decision to buy from you or not.

Writing a Resume is a complicated task for most people at any professional level, let alone for fresh graduates with no professional experience yet. Even professional resume writers once had a hard time writing an effective resume. In a job market as competitive as it is today, writing an effective resume goes beyond being the talented, energetic or qualified candidate for the job. Most times, the candidate that gets the job is not the most qualified but the most adaptive.

Most People do it wrongly; including the best students (academically that is). You do it right and you are already in the top 5% candidates

Writing the resume and cover letter is one step in what can be an overwhelming job search process, but it creates the first impression that will lead you to your desired position. A poorly written resume will only find its place in the trash; a well-written resume can land you an interview, and then, a job.

Applying for any job with little or no work experience require adaptability and meticulous preparation on your part. How well you prepare and how adaptable you are, will always reflect on your resume.

Introducing: How to Write a Better Fresh Graduate Resume

The book How to Write a Better Fresh Graduate Resume, by Ikenna Odinaka C. is written exclusively for fresh graduate job seekers with little or no work experience; to help you prepare and adapt your resume for any job you apply. The book is packed with expert advice from career and resume-writing professionals.

Your resume offers you more power than you think.

Only that most graduates and even professionals do not give themselves the opportunity to harness the potential of this powerful marketing tool. To write a thoughtful resume as a fresh graduate, you must thoroughly access your personality, strength, accomplishments, and the skills you have acquired. You must carefully consider the company or individual that might hire you. What are they looking for, and how can you meet their needs?

This book shows you how to assemble and organize your personal information, education and experience into a concise, effective and well written marketing tool. So your qualifications and potential as an employee will be understood easily and quickly by a complete stranger.

Benefits the book offers

  • You will learn how to emphasis on your strength in an attractive way that gets noticed.
  • How to use action words to add passion to your resume
  • Step by step through the process of crafting an effective and outstanding resume in today’s competitive market.
  • How to leverage on your strength as a fresher, and customise it for the particular job position you are applying for.
  • A long list of well written Samples of Resumes and Cover Letters by fresh graduates
  • How to use social media to find your next job

Cover Letter and Resume Samples for Fresh Graduates

This book contains a long list of carefully selected Cover letter and resume samples for fresh graduates and new entry job seekers. You can study them for inspiration and find what appeals to you. You’ll also find guidelines on how to use resume samples to your advantage; and how not to use them.

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