Frequently Asked Questions on AfterSchoolAfrica

This section is dedicated to answer most of the questions regularly asked by readers and potential partners. Please take the time to read through this page for possible answers to your questions before using the contact form.

Does AfterSchoolAfrica Award Scholarships?
No. AfterSchoolAfrica is a resource for sources of financial aid and scholarship for students and graduate students. Afterschoolafrica is not associated to any scholarship awarding organization neither do we award scholarships.

How can I apply for a program mentioned on your site?
To apply for any program, I strongly recommend that you visit the link below the appropriate announcement for further details.

How do I submit an essay for your writing contests?
Afterschoolafrica does not organize writing contest (yet). The contests mentioned on this site are from external sources from different essay contests available on the internet. To apply for any essay writing contest, follow the instruction provided on the page and please make sure to visit the link at the end of the page (if provided) for the full details of the program.

I applied for a scholarship/essay contest but yet to hear from them. Has the result been out?
I don’t follow scholarship or essay programs to know when candidates are shortlisted. Usually these programs provide a possible period for applicants to expect to hear from them. In other cases, not being contacted would mean you were not shortlisted. The short listing periods vary from program to program. However, my main concern on AfterSchoolAfrica is to notify you of current scholarship application you can apply to. I do not keep track of the short listing process.

How will I use “The Scholarship MasterPlan” eBook to win scholarship?
My intention for writing The Scholarship MasterPlan and offering it for free is to make finding and applying for scholarships easier for students. Downloading the book will not guarantee you’ll win any scholarship. However, it will guide you through the entire process of finding and applying for scholarships.

Is AfterSchoolAfrica only about Scholarship?
While the major of my services is to provide regular scholarship and contest information to Afterschoolafrica readers, I also share other career related topics such as distance education, studying abroad, online learning, career tips, self education and productivity. Though I’m yet to fully dive into some of these topics and more, my primary goal is to help young Africans achieve their career goals. I intend to introduce more relevant informative topics as time goes on.

Do you still accept guest articles on AfterSchoolAfrica?
Yes. I’m always open for guest contributors to share informative and educational articles (blog posts) with Afterschoolafrica readers. Please click here for guest writing guideline.

How can I support AfterSchoolAfrica?
I currently don’t ask for any form of donation to run this site. However I’ll appreciate if you want to support me in any way possible. You can start by sharing any article you find useful with your friends on facebook, twitter and/or any other social networks. You can also support my work by buying whatever product you need through my Amazon affiliate Book Store. I’ll earn a commission when you use the link to make any purchase from Amazon.
If you have further questions that is not answered on this page, please use the contact form to reach me.