5 ways to Become a more Employable Candidate- Stand out

become employable

Nothing can be more depressing for new job seekers than working on your resume as necessary, sending countless applications, and still remain in the category of the unemployed. No feedback from employers, let alone a call for interview. Business owners are not looking to reduce the rate of unemployment. They are looking to grow their […]

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MOOCs – The quest to educate One billion people freely

Educate One Billion

“The cost of illiteracy as well as the huge cost of formal literacy is one of the major financial and social burdens of the societies.” MOOC – Massive open online course technology is bringing enormous change to the way we learn. It wouldn’t be too ambitious to say that open online tech start-ups brings the […]

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7 Ways to Make Professional Connections as an Online Student

This is a guest post submitted by Nancy Wood Online education is an amazing way to get a degree from anywhere in the world. But, without the opportunity to meet people in person and develop one-on-one relationships, it can be difficult to use an online degree program to make professional connections, as well. Traditional on-campus […]

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13 Online resources to Improve writing skills

writing resources

This is a guest post by John Garber Writing requires a variety of resources to be considered successful. Modern internet technology has numerous dependable tools you can use to write better. Whether you are a student, wishing you would write better papers and essays or want to become a famous screenwriter someday, there is a […]

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10 tips to help you write your essay

Essays are very important aspects of academia and no one can escape them in the present school system. Many people however, out of not knowing the essential steps of writing a good one, struggle writing their essays. As a result, they receive dismal marks, if at all they get them. This article gives you 10 […]

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Active and Engaged: 9 Tips for Staying Awake While Reading

reading awake

This is a guest article submitted by Lena Paul, a Medical School Graduate. See Author bio below. We all lead busy, often stressful lives that can leave us feeling fatigued and sleepy. This can be a problem for a lot of activities, but especially ones that are not active, such as reading. Whether you are […]

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Why you should pick up a Book Today – It’s Never too late

Why read books

The world can be divided into two groups of people: those who read and love it and those who don’t. But many of us find ourselves crossing that border all too often in our lives-people who once loved to read often find that as jobs, children, paying bills and just trying to keep up takes […]

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12 Free Tools to learn just about anything online

qoutes about learning

Lifelong learners are continuously using the internet to foster self-directed learning. They take advantage of the numerous free tools and resources online to keep developing current and new skills. Obviously, you are already using one or more of these tools; but probably not to full potential. The interesting thing about technology is that it makes […]

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The Pains and the Gains of Social Media

facebook stress

Submitted by: Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin The recent cruel murder of the daughter of a retired Nigerian general, Cynthia Osokogu, by persons she allegedly met on Facebook has once again brought to the fore, the pervasive risks and threats affiliated with the usage of social media. Many observers, especially those who – or whose friends of […]

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How Students can use Social Media in the Classroom

social media in class

Technology is ubiquitous these days. Everyone has a cell phone, a laptop, a tablet and/or an iPod. It seems that companies are constantly releasing new gadgets meant to save time and make life easier. This means that everything we do is centered around technology, including our personal lives and our workplace which also means that […]

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10 Vital Future Skills required to keep up with Change, Competition and Opportunities

Image Credit: Institute for the Future (IFTF): 2020 future work skill.

Researchers at Harvard University once made three predictions about the future. First, they said, in the coming year, there would be more changes than ever before. Second in the coming year, there would be more competition than ever before. Third, in coming year, there would be more opportunities than ever before. The forth conclusion, which […]

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Job Promotion: Greater Freedom or Just Greater Responsibility?

This article is written and submitted by Tess Pajaron. We’re all working our way up the career ladder, one rung at a time. But while a promotion often brings us closer to our goals, there are a number of situations where a promotion may not be the best thing for your career or you personally. […]

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