Is there a Book in You? How to Create, Publish and sell your Books on Amazon Kindle… DIY Guide


What is the most honest statement you heard in recent times? Do you have a challenge to publish and sell a book? A friend of mine sent me two mp3 files of his music on Facebook some months ago. After listening to it, I was impressed. As my course mate, I’ve known him since university […]

How to Write a Better Fresh Graduate Resume without Work Experience (+ Free Samples)

sample Resumes for fresh graduates

Need a job? Get experience! Need experience? Get a job! This predicament has frustrated fresh graduates since the Industrial Revolution. As a fresh graduate without work experience, you have a challenge writing a resume, when you have nothing but education to work with. What you need is dedicated job research and customizing each resume for […]

13 Online resources to Improve writing skills

writing resources

This is a guest post by John Garber Writing requires a variety of resources to be considered successful. Modern internet technology has numerous dependable tools you can use to write better. Whether you are a student, wishing you would write better papers and essays or want to become a famous screenwriter someday, there is a […]

Active and Engaged: 9 Tips for Staying Awake While Reading

reading awake

This is a guest article submitted by Lena Paul, a Medical School Graduate. See Author bio below. We all lead busy, often stressful lives that can leave us feeling fatigued and sleepy. This can be a problem for a lot of activities, but especially ones that are not active, such as reading. Whether you are […]

How Students can use Social Media in the Classroom

social media in class

Technology is ubiquitous these days. Everyone has a cell phone, a laptop, a tablet and/or an iPod. It seems that companies are constantly releasing new gadgets meant to save time and make life easier. This means that everything we do is centered around technology, including our personal lives and our workplace which also means that […]

Become a great internet searcher – Power Searching with Google short course shows you how

Google seach online class

Google Search Education –Power Searching with Google You already know how to search and find information on the world’s largest search engine, but Google thinks there is a lot you don’t know yet about how to use its sophisticated search tool. Google Senior Research Scientist Dan Russell demonstrates that while Google is really easy to […]

How to earn over N1million in Salary per month as employees

make one million naira

Like most graduates, do you dream to reach that financial state where you earn up to seven figures monthly salary; speaking in naira? That will make you a happily employed millionaire. There are professionals, experts in different fields earning that much from their jobs and more. You can too, but the question is, what does […]

Job Seeker: How Facebook is killing your chances of getting a job

facebook for job seekers

Why should you worry about social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn- when there are more important things to worry about; like dealing with the already crowded job market, writing a resume that gets you selected for interview? Actually, your Facebook profile activity can indirectly affect your chances of getting a job. Don’t think so? According to […]

Are you using Google plus in these Creative ways Yet?

Google plus

It’s been about 11 months (as at the time of writing this) since Google rolled out its social networking site and identity service, Google+ (pronounced Google Plus). The social media network was launched in June 28 2011 and opened to the public on September 20, 2011. As at April 2012 there are 170 million Google+ […]

How to Obtain Ecowas ePassport-Nigeria Immigration Service (International Passport)

ECOWAS ePassport

The Ecowas ePassport (international passport)  is the official identification document for all citizens of Nigeria. It is required for all forms of travel outside the country even inside Africa and it is essential you get one if you plan to take a trip sometime. All Nigerians by birth, nationalization and registration qualify for the national […]

Learn How to create a buzz for your Startup or Small Business with Social Media Marketing

Over time, Social media marketing have proven to be a great way for business owners to get their businesses in front of those who need their products or services. You might have tried using this marketing method to promote your business in the past without reasonable result, but that does not mean that social media […]

How To Transfer Funds from Nigeria to Beneficiaries Abroad Through Guaranty Trust Funds Transfer

gtbank internet banking

Have you had Problems sending Money from Nigeria to Beneficiaries abroad? Guaranty Trust Funds Transfer is a quick and efficient means of transferring funds from Nigeria to beneficiaries abroad for several purposes such as paying school fees, medical bills, mortgages, upkeep of wards etc.This is a service, I use to transfer fund from Nigeria to […]