4 Ways to Effectively Use Online Learning

Distance learning is one of the more popularized means of learning online. It simply means attaining education even though you live miles away from your educator. Discussion takes place online, where you only have to communicate to your teachers through e-mails and web chat conversations. This may be far from the conventional mode of getting […]

Distance Learning gives African Students an Opportunity to Prosper

Submitted by Jonathan It’s always an advantage for students of developed nations to get exposed to quality education, well planned course curriculum, modern learning facilities and remarkable working ambiance. In fact, these students do carry higher chances of grabbing scholarships and even financial grants. Probably, this is one of the biggest reasons why students and […]

Exploring the Worth of a Distance learning MBA Program

Guest Post submitted by Jonathan With more and more employers being open to embracing online MBA graduates, distance learning MBA, it can be said is on the verge of gaining new recognition and acknowledgement in not only the educational field, but also the corporate world. A recent report published by the Distance Learning Administration in […]

Free College Education Online: The University of the People

A college education is one of the most expensive purchases many of us make today. There are students across the globe who do not have enough money to even apply to college, let alone afford tuition. This can leave students feeling helpless and wondering if they will ever have the opportunity to study at the […]

Become a Web Developer from Scratch! (Full Online Course) – 60% Discount -Save $120

Would you like to learn the programming languages needed to become a web developer from scratch? Become A Web Developer From Scratch is a full online course you can take at you own pace on Udemy.com (an online learning platform with hundreds of free and paid online courses. The instructors of this programme claim that […]

Who is Distance Learning online not suitable for?

Distance learning online is suitable for just about everyone involved in educational learning, career and personal development. From high school students, to those involved in higher education- college/university, the military, and the government, to those pursuing continuing education, corporate training, personal training and all time learning. But there could still be cases where elearning may […]

Distance Learning Reaching Students to New Heights

Distance learning is another name to the dreams of the developing country students, who wish to pursue higher studies from reputed abroad universities. Students from the developing country of Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Caribbean are registering for distance learning courses more and more. While education is the only key to get the hidden […]

Benefits of online Distance Learning?

What are the Benefits of Distance Learning? There are numerous online distance learning benefits which you ought to consider when deciding to take an online distance learning course. Distance education or elearning program meets the needs of students who might otherwise be unable to attend on-campus classes, due to distance or time constraints. One of […]