Free eBook! Discover the Best Scholarship Opportunities in USA for Students from Developing Countries

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As a student from Africa, Asia or other developing countries, you are aware that with a scholarship, you can scale the hurdle of huge cost of education and make your dream of studying in USA a reality. You head over to the internet, open your favorite search engine and begin the search for scholarships. 6 […]

Planning to study in USA? Get the International Student Handbook to learn what you need to know

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If you are planning to study abroad in USA for undergraduate or graduate degrees, you’ll either want to consult a study abroad agency or an international education consultant, or you start researching online. If you decide to meet an international education agent, you’ll have to select from several organizations that offer study abroad service. The […]

The Growing trend of Online Shopping in Nigeria – Jumia Review

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Nigerians can now be grouped into two sets of people; those who shop online and those who don’t. Few years back, safe and secure online shopping seemed like a farfetched reality in the Nigerian Internet space. Today, online shopping is quickly becoming a part of the buying culture in Nigeria. You might have noticed the […]

Succeeding as an International Student in the United States and Canada (Guide to Academic Life in US)

To experience travelling and studying abroad in the United States and Canada or any other foreign country as a first time international student, can be quite overwhelming and challenging. You are far from home to learn a new culture, new university system and new language system; like every new experience, it’ll take you some time […]