University of Ibadan distance learning – Review

Distance learning or distance education is gradually gaining grounds in Nigeria as some Nigerian Universities are beginning to adopt this system of education. While a number of universities in Nigeria offer distance learning opportunities in the countries, the University of Ibadan distance learning program is one of the most popular among prospective home-based students. UI distance learning is mainly asynchronous learning (participants access course materials on their own schedule), unlike the synchronous learning method where all participants are virtually present at the same time.
Note: Prospective candidates that wish to apply for Five Sessions Degree Programme with O/ Level Qualification for University of Ibadan distance learning program can do so before July 29, 2011.

Requirement for University of Ibadan distance learning program
UI Distance Learning education, like most other distance learning programmes, is not a weekend part-time programme. The program does not involve lectures on weekends or at any other time, except the period of 6 – 8 weeks of interactive sessions every session. Students receive their study materials (from the universities website or designated offices) and study individually or as a group. Lectures are often taken at an assigned period of time which is often towards the end the session, before exam. UI distance learning education in Nigeria, as part of the process requires students to meet with their resource persons or instructor physically.

In order to interact productively with the Distance Learning Centre and its resource persons, the following are required:

Candidates must be computer literate. Computer literacy is a graduation requirement for distance learning program; hence each student is expected to show evidence of literacy at the end of the second year of their studies. For students to be able to make progress, it is extremely important to be computer literate. Learning resources are accessible online. According to an announcement by the university, starting from this session, testing will be computer based. All students of the Distance Learning Centre are required to be computer literate by the second year of their enrollment. Students who are not literate will be required to suspend their studies.
Candidates must register properly at the beginning of every session and before the examinations.

Access to a Laptop/Desktop
If you are able to acquire a Laptop or Desktop, you will find it useful throughout the 4 or 5 years of your distance learning. If you don’t have one, you can share with another colleague. Alternatively, find a suitable cybercafé around where you live and use their facility.

Bachelors Degree
At the beginning of a session, each student is entitled to a study pack after payment of requisite fees. The pack consists of course materials, C.D, Audio CD and relevant information on the centre and resource persons that will facilitate continuous interaction between students and the resource persons. Students are required to interact with the course materials for at least eight months before an interactive period of eight weeks for tutorials and examinations. All examinations are presently conducted in the campus of the University of Ibadan, though there are plans to make the exams online based.

Diploma / Certificate Programmes
Diploma programmes are delivered through appropriate modes; most are delivered through face to-face teaching. Each programme has its own unique requirements for effective learning. Students will be given adequate information on specific requirement as the need arises. To be awarded any Diploma of the University of Ibadan, a student shall spend no more than four sessions to complete a programme.

Award of Honours Degree
To obtain a honours degree, a student shall spend no more than eight years for a six-year course and not more than six years for a four-year course.

Suspension of Studies
Suspension of studies is allowed for a maximum of two sessions. Suspension may result from students’ inability to attend the interactive revision sessions and/or examination, for evident genuine reasons.
Suspension is subject to the payment of appropriate fee, accompanied by an application. Such a Suspension must be supported by concrete evidence, e.g. medical report from a recognized hospital in case of ill-health.
Deferment of admission is not allowed. You can only suspend your studies. Student in this category should accept the admissions first, pay the required fee and complete the registration process before suspending his or her studies with reasons.

University Of Ibadan Distance Learning Degree Programme Entrance Exam 2011/2012
Prospective candidates that wish to apply for Five Sessions Degree Programme with O/ Level Qualification for UI distance learning program can do so before July 29, 2011.
Applicants are advised to familiarize themselves with the under listed areas for entrance examination.

  •  Computer literacy
  •  Familiarity with UI and DLC website
  •  General knowledge of university of Ibadan and DLC
  •  Use of English (JAMB Syllabus)
  •  Quantitative aptitude test

Further information about University of Ibadan and Distance learning Centre can be accessed on the following websites

Sales of forms end on the 29th of July 2011.

Entrance exam
The entrance examination for O LEVEL applicants will take place in Lagos and Ibadan CBT Electronic Testing Centres.
Date: August 6th
Time: 8:00 am
Faculty of Technology,
University of Ibadan, Oyo State

For more enquires please call 07029392848
Email : [email protected]
Direct Entry Applicants should please ignore this message.

Source: University of Ibadan Distance learning centre

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