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As you may already know, a CV/ resume is your first chance at selling yourself to a job recruiter or employer, and providing a neat Resume format, with the right words, will go a long way to get you a Job interview. For your resume to work it’s best for you, you have to put some time to creating it.

There are several materials online on CV template, Resume format, sample resume, to help you prepare good career marketing tool to submit for your Job application. On this page, you will find a compiled list of resources to help you work and create a nice self marketing resume for your job application. Whether for Fresh graduates Resume or professionals, you will find this handy while working out your next resume. For clarification purpose, let us briefly understand the difference between a CV and a Resume.

Graduate Resume templateWhat is the difference between CV and Resume?
Although we often use the terms ‘Curriculum Vitae’ (CV) and ‘Resume’ interchangeably, there is a difference between these two documents. Here are the main difference between a CV and a Resume.
• CV- Curriculum Vitae is a Latin word for ‘The Course of Life’, while Resume stands for ‘Summary’. While a CV focuses on the course of the applicant’s life to the present, a Resume is a brief summary of your skills and achievements.
• As a general rule, a CV is expected to have a length of 2 or more pages. A resume should be less than 2 pages (one in most cases). Hence, a resume is shorter than a CV.
• Both a CV and a resume should include your full name, address, contact information, education work experience and skills. In addition, a CV can and should include awards, teaching experience, hobbies, referees, grants and fellowships, diplomas, computer skills, work related skills, courses completed and any other relevant information while a Resume is a summary of your skills, experience and education.
• United States and Canada use a resume as a general rule for job application. However, in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, most job employers expect to receive a CV.
• In the United States, a CV is used primarily when applying for academic, education, scientific or research positions or when applying for fellowships or grants.

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Sample of Resume Format
All the CV samples on the links below are available in Microsoft word format.

1. Different CV formats
Here you can download Sample CV for Professional, functional, experienced and executive job applications. You can also download a list of skill phrase examples employers like to see on your CV. For example, if you are applying for a Sales Job, you’ll find something like “Professional appearance and manner, ability to utilize all techniques to stimulate sales”. You will find a variety of (not overwhelming) examples of sentences on personal skills which you can take into account when writing your CV.
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2. CV Example Templates
On this site, you’ll get access to a list of several examples of CV templates available for download. Examples of CV for different job specifications, skills and qualification levels are available. You’ll also find some interesting CV tips on this site to help you while creative your job application document.
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3. Career Service center- University of Delaware- Resume-building advice and sample resumes (PDF)
University of Delaware provides a free guide to writing resumes and cover letter on their career service page. This material is available in PDF format.
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4. CV samples
This site has a collection of CV samples which are quite different from the usual CV you see. You’ll like to check it out and come up with some fresh concepts for your own document.
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5. Resume-type
You’ll also find a variety of resume formats to download on this page. The document on this site is more of resume type. However you will find them useful.
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How to use Sample Resume Format

When you have decided on a sample resume format/template that is best for your preference, you still need to tailor the document to make it more personal. With thousands of people downloading and using similar resume samples and templates, it soon begin to look alike to employers. You still need to make your marketing tool appear unique.

What to do?

Pick more than one (different) CV samples. Blend both concepts to come out with a new and unique template. What you should look out for in CV/resume samples or templates is the basic outline and concept. Change the fonts, layout and whatever you need to suit your application. It’s just about how creative you can be. CV and resume samples should be used to get an understanding of what a CV should look like, what should or should not be included, proper styles and formats and what employers generally look for. So get a standard sample of CV and make it above standard.
Also remember that you will be judged based on the appearance of your CV. Your resume only has a few seconds to be scanned by the recruiters (at first stage of selection), so make it as appealing as you can to make a good first impression.
The more original and creative it is, the better your chance at being called for an interview.

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